Campus Bike Center


51 E Gregory Dr., Champaign, IL. 61820
(217) 333-0241

The Campus Bike Center — a collaboration between the University of Illinois and The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign — is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge about how to repair and maintain bicycles and encouraging a mode-shift away from single-occupancy vehicles.  This educational center offers hands-on experiential learning that students can’t get in a classroom. The Campus Bike Center promotes bicycling, collaboration, and community spirit.

The Campus Bike Center distributes UI bike registration stickers; maintains the campus Bike Fix-it Stations; provides a central base for the bicycling community on campus; hosts various events and classes throughout the year; distributes bicycling information and resources; educates students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors about basic bicycle maintenance; and collaborates with campus and community partners in bicycle-related programs.




Annual membership payments can be made by cash, check, or charge, or in exchange for 4 hours of volunteer work. Payments are made at the Bike Center. No prior experience is required to volunteer. Membership is also valid at the downtown Urbana Bike Project location, 202 S. Broadway Ave., Urbana.


  • $30 – General Public
  • $65 – Family/Partner
  • Free with 4 hours of volunteer work

Build a Bike

The Build-A-Bike Program brought to you by The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign allows members to refurbish a bike for their own use. This is the best way to learn how to fix your bike and save money!


This is a hands-on, educational space meant to provide knowledge and experience about fixing bicycles. We offer limited drop off for repair services with the focus of giving our student staff the opportunity to develop their mechanical skills.

You are responsible for the transport of your bike to and from the Campus Bike Center. Staff is not permitted to assist with the unloading and loading of bicycles into personal vehicles or securing bicycles to bike racks

Bike Registration

All bicycles parked or operated on campus must be registered in the University’s new National Bicycle Registration system. There is a one-time $10 fee per bicycle. Registration stickers can be collected from one of the several Shield pick-up locations, including the Campus Bike Center.

Go to Bike at Illinois’ Register Your Bike page or for step-by-step instructions to register your bicycle.

Rent/Purchase a Bike


The Campus Bike Center offers high-end, well maintained rental bicycles for any cycling adventure!

  • Student $15/day (max of 3 days),
  • Non-Student $25/day (max of 3 days)

Bike rentals require advanced reservation via an online form. Bicycles may only be picked up during Campus Bike Center open hours.


The Campus Bike Center also offers refurbished bikes for sale. These are donated bikes that have been repaired by the Campus Bike Center Staff and have passed inspection. All refurbished bike sales include a one-year membership. 

Our availability fluctuates and can be limited. Please stop by during open hours and see what is in store. Inventory changes by the hour.

Purchase Parts

The Campus Bike Center offers parts for Members and Non-Members of the Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign to purchase.

New Parts

New Parts Member Non-Member
Tube  $4 $6
Tire  $15 and up $22 and up
Chain $8 and up $12 and up
Cables  $1.50 per cable $3 per cable
Brake Pads $3 and up $4 and up

Old Parts

Old Parts Member Non-Member
Tube Free (in-house) $2
Tire $8 $15
Chain $1.50 $3
Cables $0.75 $1.50
Brake Pads $2 $3
Wheel $15 $30 or more


We can repair flats, brake pads, and more. Drop of your bike, we’ll repair it, and you can get back to riding in no time!

Drop-Off Repairs

Flats Replace tube and/or tire $18 (includes tubes)
Brake pads Install or adjustments $12 (rim brake only)
Cable adjustments Fine tune and adjust brake/shifter cables $15
Chain replacement Install new chain $10 (does not include cost of chain)
Pedal change Install new pedals $10 (does not include cost of pedals)



  1. Bring your bike to the Campus Bike Center during operating hours or call us at (217) 333-0241.
  2. Bike Center staff member will assess your bike’s problem with you and get in touch within 48 hours to confirm the work needed.
  3. When the repair is complete, we’ll email an invoice. Payment can be made in person at ARC or over the phone. Once payment is confirmed your bike will be ready for pick-up at the Bike Center.



Bike at Illinois is your source for information and resources that help you have a safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable biking experience at the University of Illinois.

Learn more about other forms of sustainable transportation at F&S’s Transportation Demand Management website (TDM). Many resources exist across campus and the community to live car-free. F&S is committed to helping campus be more safe and sustainable.

Outdoor Gear Rentals


Get outdoors and experience your own adventure! Did you know that you can rent camping equipment and other outdoor recreation gear at the Campus Bike Center? We offer everything you need for camping, plus you can get advice from our knowledgable staff on planning your excursion, what to take, and where to go.