How to Sign Up

Registering for intramural activities is fast and easy! Follow the steps on this page to get started.
1. Log in to Active Illini

Active Illini Portal


  1. Go to the Active Illini web portal
  2. Click “Login” and “Campus Login” to use your Illinois credentials (netID and password)
    • If you are not affiliated with the university, you will need to register for an Active Illini account and purchase a membership to participate in intramural activities 
    • If you already have a community membership, click on “Login” and “Community”

2. Purchase an Intramural Membership

Intramural Membership

Purchase your Intramural Membership before the start of the semester and receive $5 off! Learn more on the the Intramural Membership page.


  1. Purchase your Intramural membership at the Member Services desk at the front of the ARC or online on the Active Illini Portal!
  2. Navigate to the Memberships section
  3. Select the appropriate Intramural Membership
  4. Once you add the membership to your cart and check-out, you will be prompted to input your credit card information.
    • You will not be able to register for any intramural activities without purchasing an intramural membership first.

3. Download the FusionPLAY App and Create Your Team

Download FusionPLAY*

*Mobile app only


  1. Download Fusion Play in the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Once logged into Fusion Play select the Sports you wish to play or use the filters in the top right corner to choose the sport, and league you wish to play in. 
    • As you filter through these options, available times will appear. You can filter options at the top by choosing the day and time that works for you. 
  3. Select the division you wish to play in and click the “Register” button 
  4. To become a Captain, register a “Team,” to add teammates you must “Invite”  
  5. No need to Register as a “Player.” Fusion Play instantly recognizes all players as Free Agents. If you wish to join a team select the league, and division you wish to play, choose the desired team, and select “request to join” 
    • To add players, email addresses must be used.  
    • Registering a “Team” will allow you to make an entire team to play in the sport, league, day and time you selected 
  6. After “Team” is selected, fill out “Team Name.” If you wish to play on the team or not, and click “Submit” 
  7. After the team information is submitted, you will need to read, sign, and submit the waiver. 
  8. Once finished, the team will be created and the following screen will appear 


FusionPlay Screenshot
  1. To add other players to your roster, choose the “Add Team Member”
    • Invite players to your roster by entering their Illinois email address 

Next Steps

Pick Up Your Jerseys

If you purchased a Orange Intramural Membership, be sure to pick up your two free jerseys during one of the following times. If you are unable to pick up your jerseys during the scheduled pick-up times, please stop by the ARC Administrative Suite, located behind the glass doors on the concourse level.

Spring 2024

Dates Time Location
January 29-30 3-5pm ARC Well-Being Lounge
February 30-31 3-5pm CRCE Lobby
March 4-5 5:30-8:30pm ARC Well-Being Lounge
April 6-8 5:30-8:30pm CRCE Lobby