Posting Policy


University of Illinois Campus Recreation facilities are not designed as information distribution centers. As a courtesy to University organizations and approved community businesses, Campus Recreation will attempt to post informational flyers in pre-determined designated “Public Posting” areas. Information posted anywhere else will be immediately discarded. Postings are defined as any material that is hung or displayed in or around Campus Recreation facilities including facility signage, policy signage, program signage, and promotional materials from external and internal groups. This includes outdoor signage.


  • All materials for posting must be dropped off at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) Member Services desk where it will be collected by the marketing department, screened, and if approved will be displayed on the bulletin boards in the Well-Being Lounge (lobby). Postings will not be accepted at any other location. Four (4) posters/flyers is the maximum accepted. Posting is not available at any outdoor facilities.
  • All postings MUST go through the Campus Recreation marketing office. There are designated public posting areas in all facilities. All unapproved postings will be removed and discarded.
  • Display literature (pamphlets, flyers, table tents, and brochures) may not be placed on tables or counters, unless approved through Campus Recreation.
  • Postings are for a two (2) week period. All event postings, besides Campus Recreation materials, will be discarded on the expiration date. Exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the marketing office, when space allows for a longer posting period or for promotion of Campus Recreation programs and services.
  • The following rules will apply to all postings:
    • Handwritten signs will not be posted.
    • Campus Recreation will not display advertising that promotes alcohol, tobacco, or supplements; promotes alcohol or tobacco related activities; sponsored by alcohol and tobacco companies, or contains the logos and brands of alcohol, tobacco, or supplement companies.
    • Oversize items (larger than 8.5×11) will be posted as space allows.
  • No private company advertising will be allowed as a “Public Posting”. If you want to advertise, please contact Emily Cenzano at to set up a partnership with Campus Recreation.
  • Digital Signage Displays
    • If you want to display your information on one of the Campus Recreation digital signs, please email for information.

Outdoor Signage

Any signs displayed for temporary events at outdoor facility spaces on fencing, stakes, or permanent spaces must be approved by the Campus Recreation marketing staff prior to event. The signage must be removed immediately following the conclusion of the event. If the group does not remove signage, it will be removed by Campus Recreation marketing office and discarded.