Ice Arena Policies

Assumption of Individual Risk

Participation in ice-related sports, whether recreational or competitive, figure skating, speedskating, hockey, broomball, or otherwise, carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary from one activity to another, but the risks range from:

  • minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and sprains; to
  • major injuries such as eye injury or loss of sight, joint or back sprains, strains, breaks, concussions, severe cuts, head trauma, dismemberment, cardiac arrest, partial or total paralysis, and death.

Participation is voluntary and all individuals knowingly assume all risks when they take part in informal or programmed recreational activities We strongly recommend that you consult your personal physician before starting any physical activity program.

General Facility Policies

  • No running around, rollerblading, or playing hockey off the ice.
  • Individuals and groups are expected to return to areas as it was found and clean up after themselves. Additional charges will be billed to any group in cases of excessive cleaning.
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes (including vapes), illegal drugs, firearms, and other weapons are strictly prohibited in or near Campus Recreation facilities.
  • As a University facility, the Ice Arena is a non-smoking area.

Adult Supervision of Children Ages 15 and Under

  • At least one adult 18 or older must accompany the child to the facility and monitor their activity at all times.
  • Youth (15 years old and under) are not permitted in the locker rooms without adult supervision.
  • Children should not play in the lockers or stand on top of the benches.

Skating Aids

Skating aids (“walkers and sleds”) are available for use on the ice. Wheelchairs may also go onto the ice; enter at the Zamboni doors. Skating aids are first come, first served; availability is limited.

Illini Hockey Game Rules for Spectators

  • Do not throw anything at the players, officials, Zamboni driver, or onto the ice at any time.
  • Offensive language is prohibited. Individuals using profanity or acting inappropriately will be asked to leave, without receiving a refund.
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes (including vapes), illegal drugs, firearms, and other weapons are strictly prohibited in or near Campus Recreation facilities.
  • Do not lean or hang over the balcony railing at any time.
  • All persons standing on the lower level must have all body parts behind and below the glass.
  • All patrons are prohibited from the Zamboni entranceway while the ice is being resurfaced.
  • The southwest corner of the rink must be cleared of all spectators prior to the players going on or coming off the ice.
  • As a University facility, the Ice Arena is a non-smoking area.
  • By police order, canned or bottled beverages will not be allowed into the rink proper. Cans found in the rink will be confiscated. Cups and ice are available from the concession stand.
  • Those individuals who wish to leave the Ice Arena and return during a game must get their hand stamped before exiting the building.
  • Violators will be removed and potentially face additional disciplinary action. Refunds will not be issued.
  • No bags are allowed in the rink. Belongings must be secured in coin lockers.
  • CAUTION: The puck moves at a high rate of speed and may leave the playing surface. Please keep your attention on the puck at all times.

Public Skates and Private Parties

  • Everyone must skate in the same direction at a safe, controllable speed. No speed skating will be allowed at any public skate session.
  • No racing or excessive weaving in and out.
  • No playing tag, cap throwing, or playing crack the whip.
  • No gum chewing, eating, or drinking on the ice.
  • Be aware of other skaters around you at all times.
  • No snowball throwing or jumping the orange cones.
  • No one except Ice Arena personnel is allowed on the ice while it is being resurfaced.
  • Figure skaters must confine jumps and spins to the center ice only.
  • Private lessons are not allowed during Public Skate Sessions.
  • Beginning skaters should try to skate along the boards for their own safety. This means others should avoid standing along the board area.
  • No cell phones, cameras, or personalized music systems are allowed on the ice unless permission has been granted by management.
  • Do not go upstairs to the balcony area with your skates on. This is dangerous and will ruin skates. Metal will also harm skates, so patron must stay off the railings.
  • Be respectful of the rink monitors and follow their directions.
  • Violators can be removed at the discretion of Campus Recreation staff.

Private Coach Insurance Required

All private coaches must provide a copy of their general liability insurance prior to giving lessons during Freestyle times. Both parties (skater/parent and coach) must sign a waiver and pay an admission fee to use this facility. No private lessons are allowed during regular Public Skating sessions.

Equipment Policy

The Ice Arena has goalie equipment, helmets, helmets with cages, throat collars, pucks, and broomball equipment to loan. In order to secure such equipment, groups must arrive 30-40 minutes in advance. A student ID or state ID must be left with the supervisor until all equipment is returned. All groups will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage to any Ice Arena equipment.

Helmets Required

It is mandatory that all persons involved in ice hockey or broomball wear a helmet. For ice hockey, full equipment is highly recommended. All hockey programs at the UI Ice Arena require full face shields/cages on the helmet. Helmets are recommended for all ice skating activities and can be checked out at the customer service window or Learn to Skate Office.

Ice Skate Rental

All patrons utilizing the University of Illinois Ice Arena rental skates must wear a pair of socks with these skates. This policy is in effect for sanitary and health reasons. It also ensures a longer period of use for these skates. The figure skates in skate rental cannot be rented for any ice hockey activities. This is to ensure the safety of the participants.

Ice Arena Locker Room Policies

  • Only authorized groups will be allowed locker room access. Locker rooms are available 30 minutes prior to ice time and until 30 minutes after ice time.
  • The UI Ice Arena is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. Always lock the bathroom door and front door when leaving the room unattended.
  • Keys must be checked out from the Customer Service officer prior to use. The person signing out the key is responsible for the entire group using the locker room.
  • Prior to occupancy, report any problems (damage/trash) to the Ice Arena Staff.
  • A minimum of $25.00 will be assessed to any group or individual that fails to return the locker room key or fails to leave the locker room in a clean and orderly condition. This includes picking up all tape and garbage, turning off showers and lights, including stolen items, and/or damage to the facility.
  • All youth (ages 15 and under) are required to have parental supervision during locker room use. Adult supervision is required for all youth groups using the locker rooms.
  • Do not change in the hallway.
  • Strategy boards require the use of Ice Arena-approved dry-erase markers. These are available for checkout.
  • Ice Arena Staff may enter the locker room for safety and maintenance reasons.
  • Any individual found in the locker room who is not associated with that group will be viewed as trespassing.
  • Groups or individuals who violate these policies will be subject to maintenance fees, loss of locker room privileges and may be denied participation in future Ice Arena events.
  • Campus Recreation tries to honor the stated gender identity of our patrons. Gender identity is not always apparent and does not always correspond with stereotypes about physical presentation Campus Recreation staff will NOT require identification to prove gender in order to access locker rooms.
    Groups using the locker rooms are expected to follow the intent of this statement.
  • Organizations and groups renting ice will be held responsible for their members and guests.

Fundraisers, Merchandise Sales, and Non-Ice Related Activities

Fundraisers, merchandise sales, and non-ice related activities require approval from the UI Ice Arena as well as the Registered Student Organizations Office, Facility Management and Scheduling, and/or Facilities and Services Safety and Compliance (depending on the type of organization and activity), prior to the facility rental. Any group or individual attempting to generate revenue at the University of Illinois Ice Arena will be required to pay an additional fee. Details of the special event must be provided with the space request. Raffles will also require a city permit to be obtained through the City of Champaign Finance Department.


Groups are only allowed on the ice early if the Ice Arena staff approves it. Groups may not be on the ice before their assigned time if the ice resurfacer is on the ice or before the ice resurfacer doors are closed. All groups must immediately leave the ice when their scheduled time is complete.