Learn to Skate

Our skating instructors help participants develop skills in a safe and fun environment while following the guidelines of the US Figure Skating Basic Skills for recreational and competitive skaters.

Class Descriptions

All classes are progressive. Completion of previous levels is required for enrollment in each level. Students looking for skating course credits should see the University’s class listing for Kinesiology. The Learn to Skate program does not offer classes for credit.


  • For ages 3-5 years old
  • For participants with no or little skating experience
  • Classes include games and easy to understand terms to teach the basic skating skills and comfort on the ice

Basic 1-6

  • For beginner youth skaters, we recommend starting in Basic 1 (ages 5 – 14).
  • If your child has skated before and is confident, we recommend starting in Basic 2 (ages 5 -14).

Adult 1-4

  • For beginner adult skaters, we recommend starting in Adult 1 (ages +14).
  • For intermediate adult skaters, we recommend Adult 3 (this is where you will start to skate backwards).
  • Promotes physical fitness and improves balance/coordination, while teaching basic skating techniques
  • Progress at your own pace while being challenged and motivated
  • Skate as an enjoyable part of a fit and healthy lifestyle!
  • If you have taken KIN 104, you are able to register for either Adult 3 or 4 depending on what your KIN instructor recommended for you.


Must have passed Basic 6 or Adult 4 to enroll

  • Designed to replace the previous curriculum of Basic 7 and 8 classes
  • Build on recently learned skills and create a strong foundation to prepare for private lessons and other specialized skating

Freestyle Workshop

Must have passed Basic 6 or Adult 4 to enroll
This class is a combination of Power and Conditioning/Jumps and Spins where a group of participants work with a few instructors on the skills they want to perfect! Some examples of skills that can be worked on are:

  • Focuses on strengthening stroking technique, developing power and proper edge control
  • Emphasis on extension, quickness, power, speed, posture, and endurance
  • For skaters wanting to improve and enhance their abilities
  • Skaters can begin to learn proper jump and spin techniques appropriate to their skill level

Private Lessons

  • For the length of the session, you will receive one-on-one lessons from a skating instructor who can help you focus on the skills you want to master.
  • Day one will be the time to chat with the instructor about what you are wanting to work on over the 4- or 6-week period.
  • We do not allow make-up classes for private lessons within Learn-to-skate due to space on the ice.
  • Prices:
    • 4-week session - Members: $115 | Non-Members - $125
    • 6-Week session(s) - Members: $170 | Non-Members - $185

Registration Dates


  • Members: December 12 - January 16 at 11pm
  • Non-members: December 14 at 8am - January 16 at 11pm
  • Classes start January 18 for this 4-week program

Winter registration is closed.


  • Members: January 20 - February 17 or February 22 (depending on the session you are registering for)
  • Non-members: January 22 at 8am - February 17 or February 22 (depending on the session you are registering for)
  • Classes start February 10, 12, or 15 (depending on the session you registered for) for this 6-week program


Registration for Fall Learn to Skate is closed.

How to Register

  1. Login to the Active Illini web portal
  2. Click the button on the top left corner of the screen to expand the menu
  3. Click on “Ice Skating” and then “Ice Skating Programs”
  4. Select the Learn to Skate level that you are interested in registering for
  5. Click the “Register” button for the instance of the lesson(s) you want to join
  6. Follow the prompts until you are registered


Cost and Details
  • Cost for Learn to Skate varies by membership
  • For lesson dates, descriptions, and costs, login to Active Illini
  • Payment for Learn to Skate is part of the registration process.

First Day of Class

  • Helmets are recommended for tots. Helmets are available to borrow and are located at the skate check window.
  • Dress warmly. Remember mittens, but wear only one pair of thin socks. Sweaters or some sort of long-sleeved shirt is recommended for all levels. Large puffy coats are not recommended. Layers are better than coats. Jeans or pants made of stiff materials are also not recommended.
  • Arrive at the Ice Arena at least 20 minutes before your lesson begins. Please check in by grabbing your name tag at the front table in the lobby. A shape will be stated on your nametag, look for an instructor with your shape to find your class!
  • If you have not pre-registered, arrive at least 45 minutes before your first lesson begins. There is no guarantee that spots will be open for those who did not register before the first day.
  • Trade your shoes for a pair of skates at the skate rental window. We do not have half sizes, so please try the size closest to your true shoe size.
  • Please wait to enter the ice until an instructor is present on the ice.
  • All skaters will meet off-ice every day in specified locations with their group lesson Instructors. Check with the front table to find out where to meet.