Multi-Purpose Room Policies


The University of Illinois Campus Recreation is one of the only campus facilities that offer space to individuals and groups for practice and drop-in activities. Our intent in managing informal or “drop-in” use of multipurpose room space is to provide facility access to patrons looking for a specific space to complete their activity.

Multipurpose General Policies

Multipurpose rooms are scheduled with group fitness activities, club sports practices, student organizations, and other rental groups. Patrons may utilize multipurpose rooms via facility rental or drop-in bookings.

  • Individuals and/or groups must complete the facility rental or drop-in booking process as described below. Any individual or group found using an MP room without following the appropriate procedure will be asked to leave the room.
  • Equipment located in the multipurpose rooms is only available when authorized by Campus Recreation. All equipment must remain in the designated room.
  • Only athletic, non-marking shoes or pre-approved shoes are allowed in the room(s).
  • Activity deemed potentially damaging to the equipment, mirrors, and floor is prohibited, as determined by the Campus Recreation staff.
  • Copyrighted movies and instructional videos are not permitted.
  • Personal music is permitted. Genre & volume must be family-appropriate.
  • Activities that could damage the mirrors, windows, or ceiling tiles are strictly prohibited.
  • Patrons should not lean or put their hands on the mirrors.
  • Partition walls may only be operated by Campus Recreation staff.

Facility Rental Policies

  • A facility rental must be completed for MP 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 if for regular use or for a group’s use for more than an hour on any given day. MP 6 and MP 7 are only available for use through facility rentals, and the minimum rental duration for MP 6 and MP 7 is three hours.
  • Use of in-house audio and other Campus Recreation equipment will only be provided if approved and confirmed ahead of time by Campus Recreation.

Drop-in Booking Policies

  • Drop-in bookings are available through ActiveIllini to Campus Recreation members.
  • Bookings are available 24 hours in advance for either 45 minutes or an hour. The booking time is set in ActiveIllini.
  • Only one booking per day per person or group is permitted.
  • Organized and group activities must be approved in advance by Campus Recreation through the space rental procedure.
  • Use of in-house audio and other Campus Recreation equipment is not provided for drop-in bookings.
  • All space utilization is ultimately subject to the discretion of Campus Recreation.
  • Use of facilities for paid instruction or coaching is prohibited.
  • Individuals and groups found making back-to-back reservations will be asked to leave the room and will lose drop-in booking privileges. Individuals and/or groups may not extend facility rentals with a drop-in booking.