Children's Policies


Children’s Multi-Visit Pass

Multi-visit Children’s Passes are available for purchase in bundles of 1, 5, 10, and 20. Passes can be purchased in Active Illini. A children’s multi-visit pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase. 

There are limitations on when children may use the facilities and the areas they can access. Please carefully read the regulations listed below.

Children’s Hours of Access

Children’s Membership (valid at ARC & CRCE) ages 17 and under:

  • Academic Year: Friday 4-8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9 am-8 pm.
  • University Breaks – All operational hours.
  • Summer – All operational hours.
  • Children 3 and under are free only during children’s hours and break periods.

Special Conditions 

Children ages 15 and under

  • At least one parent/legal guardian must purchase a Campus Recreation membership and accompany the child to the facility. They must supervise their child in all activity areas by remaining with the child in the same activity area at all times.
  • Prohibited from using the fitness floor and fitness areas (may not use free weights, any fitness equipment, or the track.)
  • Permitted areas of use: climbing wall, pools, gyms, racquetball courts.
  • Parent/legal guardian must check-out equipment on behalf of the child.
  • Children may not sponsor guests or associate members.

Children ages 16-17

  • Parent/legal guardian is not required to purchase a Campus Recreation membership for themselves in order to purchase a membership for their child.
  • Child may enter the facilities without parent/legal guardian.
  • Child may check out equipment by presenting Visitor i-card to Member Services.
  • Child may not make court reservations.
  • Child may not sponsor guests or associate members.

Children’s Locker Room Usage

  • Children may be accompanied into the appropriate locker room by a parent, guardian or responsible adult (age 18 or over) of the same gender.
  • If this is not possible, we will allow children under the age of 5 to use the locker rooms of the opposite sex under parent, guardian or responsible adult (age 18 or over) supervision. However, please limit this use to the shower areas of the locker room and use the same exit when leaving.

Children’s access and age appropriate use of facilities and programs are at the discretion of Campus Recreation.

View our locker room policy in regards to children using appropriate locker rooms.

Access to ARC/CRCE Outside of Children’s Hours

  • Children ages 17 and under may use ARC and/or CRCE during normal facility hours of the two academic semesters as defined above ONLY when they are accompanied by parent/legal guardian and have purchased a full-price daily guest pass.
  • Exception: Infants who are “attached” to the adult via a sling or backpack carrier do not have to purchase a Daily Guest Pass and may use only the track in conjunction with their accompanying adult. Walking with an infant on the indoor tracks may expose the infant to risk of injury. The accompanying adult is solely responsible for the infant’s and their own safety. Strollers are not allowed on the indoor track.