Freestyle ice skating sessions are available for experienced skaters of all ages to get time on the ice. Freestyle sessions offer the practice and private lesson time that help skaters succeed in shows, testing, competitions, and specialty clinics and classes.

Freestyle involves learning the complex footwork, jumps, and spins of figure skating. These levels progress consecutively and require a high level of practice and instruction to fully master.


Skaters are required to have passed Basic 6 or Adult 4 in order to participate in Freestyle skating sessions. Skaters who have taken Kinesiology 104 are considered to have passed Adult 3, therefore, it is required for these participants to enroll and pass Adult 4 before being allowed to register for Freestyle.


  • Beginners: 2-3 sessions per week (less frequently for recreational skaters and more frequently for those preparing for competition)
  • Competitive skaters: three or more sessions per week
  • High-level competitive skaters: every day

Classes such as Ice Dance, Power, Jumps and Spins, Synchronized Skating, and Off-Ice are also offered. Check the registration form for more information on when these classes are offered.

Sessions, Schedule, and Fees

Individuals can skate with or without a coach and drop in at any time freestyle sessions are being offered. Multi-session pass discounts are available. A list of qualified, private coaches is available at the Ice Arena.


Session fees paid to the Ice Arena by the skater/parent.

Members Non-members
$7/session $10/session
$60 for 10 sessions $90 for 10 sessions



Private Coaching

Session fees are paid to the Ice Arena by the coach.

  • $5/session
  • $45 for 10 sessions

Freestyle skating requires flexibility and a free range of movement. Therefore, we recommend the skaters wear either sweat pants, stretchy work out pants, or skating tights and a skating dress. Jeans and other restricting pants are not recommended.



Due to the need for a better fit and support for their feet when practicing and performing high-level skills, it is recommended that freestyle skaters invest in their own skates. A pro shop is the best place to be fitted properly and to try on several brands before buying. Many pro shops sell used skates and blades, which can be a good option for growing feet. You may need also need to purchase new boots to ensure a comfortable fit. Do not buy boots too large that your family member can “grow into” as an improper fit will inhibit skating ability. Instead, stick to lower-end models of new and used skates and purchase from an established pro shop. A list of recommended pro shops is available through the Learn To Skate Office.


  • What type of skating do you need the skates for (recreational, competitive, ice dancing, etc.)?
  • Are your feet still growing?
  • What is your total price range (skates can run from $100-$3,000)? On average you can expect to spend a total of $200-$400 on new, beginner, and intermediate-level skates.
  • Though some pro shops offer package deals, be prepared to purchase boots and blades separately
  • Often your private coach will be willing to go with you if you ask them.

Freestyle Rules and Private Coaching