Outdoor Facility Rentals


Please read the instructions below before submitting any rental requests.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

RSOs must adhere to the Purchase Request and Event Request processes outlined by Student Engagement on the Student Organization Operations Forms page before their request is considered by Campus Recreation.

1. Purchase Request

All student organizations desiring to spend their funds on spaces, venues, and products on campus will be required to submit a purchase request.

On-campus vendors/departments have been instructed to not provide services to student organizations unless they have received the appropriate Approved Purchase Request.

Once you receive a message from the Student Org Finance Center (SOFC) indicating your Purchase Request has been approved, you are required to provide the documentation within the event request.

2. Event Request

After you have obtained a purchase request, you need to submit an event request. All organizations are required to register their events.


UIUC Units and Community Groups

The following instructions apply to campus departments and community organizations only. Submit all rental requests at least 2 weeks in advance of the request date(s) to be considered.

1. Review Guidelines

Be sure to read over the general facility rental guidelines before reaching out our reservations team.

2. Fill out Form

Download and fill out the Rental Request Form (pdf).

3. Submit Request

You can physically turn in a printed Rental Request to the ARC or Ice Arena, or email the completed form to reservecampusrec@illinois.edu, or mail it to:

Campus Recreation Facility Reservations, MC 556
201 E. Peabody
Champaign, IL 61820

Available Outdoor Facilities

Virtually every physical space for activities has an option for reservation. Limitations to areas have to do with its availability and impact on open recreation on dates requested.




Refer to the Outdoor Rental Rates page for more information about prices for each space.


Outdoor space reservations cancelled due to inclement weather within 24 hours of the event will not be charged. It is the patron’s responsibility to monitor the weather reports and notify Campus Recreation of any changes or cancellations to their reservation.

Parties and Community Programs


Looking for more that just a facility rental? Campus Rec offers party packages for your next celebration and community programs. Campus units and community groups can take advantage of custom cooking classes, group fitness classes, sports/activities/games, and more, tailored for your the needs of your group!