Outdoor Center Playfields Map



  • FENCES: Climbing any perimeter fence constitutes breaking and entering. Please wait for gates to be opened by the Campus Recreation staff assigned to the facility. Do not throw, hit, or kick balls against fences.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: The Campus Recreation staff has the authorization to cancel any activity at any time due to weather conditions. Their instructions must be followed. Contact reservecampusrec@illinois.edu for rescheduling should weather cancel any scheduled activity.
  • PARKING VEHICLES/BIKES: Only Campus Recreation staff will be allowed to park inside the facility. Patrons may drop things off in the drive then immediately remove their vehicle when finished. Bicycles must be parked at the designated racks located by the perimeter gates. Bicycles should not be ridden in the facility nor attached to fences/other objects. Bicycles in racks more than two weeks will be removed.
  • ANIMALS: No pets of any kind are allowed within the perimeter fencing surrounding the facility.
  • ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, AND DRUGS: No alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or drugs are allowed within the facility.
  • If caught with any of the above, you will be asked to leave, or your event may be canceled.
  • CLEANUP: Groups will be charged for any damage or cleanup that results from their scheduled activity.
  • GRILLING: No grilling of any kind is allowed unless prior permission is received from Campus Recreation.
  • FIELD LINING: Fields will be lined by Campus Recreation staff only. Anyone else lining fields will be subject to pay for any damage and will be barred from the facility.
  • GOALS: Permanent goals are not to be moved. Portable goals must be returned to their designated location after each use.
  • DAMAGE: Individuals/Groups reserving facility space for activities are responsible for the conduct and actions of those associated with and participating in the event. This includes casual spectators as well as followers and team members/opponents. Any damage to the facility and/or equipment or violations of policies is the responsibility of the individual/groups reserving the space and must be reported immediately.
  • The party is also responsible for the charges associated with these damages.
  • MISCONDUCT: All patrons are expected to use proper conduct. Infliction or threat of bodily harm, whether done intentionally or with reckless disregard, including threat or action in retaliation for making allegations of misconduct, is prohibited. Use of abusive language and/or sexual misconduct is prohibited.
  • FACILITY SUPERVISORS: Facility users must follow all posted regulations and comply with decisions made by Campus Recreation and its staff (including identifying oneself when so requested) to ensure the safe and effective operation of the facility and programs. Campus Recreation staff has the authority to cancel events and can contact University Police for assistance at any time.