Instructional Kitchen Positions


Student Wellness employees work at the ARC in the Instructional Kitchen. Dietetics, Food Science, Human Nutrition, Community Health, and Kinesiology majors are preferred for these positions.

Entry Level Positions

Staff interested in working in the ARC Instructional Kitchen are first hired as Kitchen Monitors. Kitchen Monitors supervise the Instructional Kitchen during reservations and events and assist Cooking Instructors during our scheduled Instructional Cooking Classes. Once a Kitchen Monitor has completed mentor shift(s) with a Cooking Instructor they too will be qualified to facilitate Instructional Cooking Classes.

Kitchen Monitor/Cooking Instructor

  • Provides ideas and develops content for Student Wellness programs
  • Facilitates a variety of health-based cooking classes
  • Promotes health and wellness programming at special events
  • Supervises groups that have reserved the space for special events and programs
  • This is a security-sensitive position and requires the completion of a background check before beginning work

Promotional Opportunities

Program Assistant

Student Wellness also employs a Program Assistant. The Student Wellness Program Assistant has administrative and facilitative responsibilities for a wide variety of programmatic offerings outside of the ARC Instructional Kitchen (Examples. Workshops, Promotion, Outreach, and Program Facilitation)

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Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding working at the Instructional Kitchen, please email Rachel Yang at"