Mediterranean Cuisine Instructional Cooking Class

Learn how to cook your favorite Mediterranean food. Have you ever wanted to travel to Greece, but never had the time? This class will take your taste buds to Greece with delicious chicken skewers and homemade hummus. Join us for this delightful experience.

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Sushi 2.0 Instructional Cooking Class

Students preparing food during a sushi cooking class in the ARC's Instructional Kitchen

This class is held in the ARC Instructional Kitchen. Learn how to make more of your favorite sushi! Are you ready to take your sushi skills to the next level? Come learn how to make Spicy Crab Rolls, Bagel Rolls, and more! You will also get to make and enjoy a sushi roll your way.

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Thai Cuisine Instructional Cooking Class

A photo of spring rolls with vegetables and fish.

Learn how to cook your favorite Thai food. Did you know that meals in Thailand are treated as celebrations? Come feast on your favorite Thai staples like spring rolls and Pad Thai. Additional Cooking Classes

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Sushi 1.0 Instructional Cooking Class

Learn how to make your favorite sushi! If you’ve ever wanted to learn to make your favorite sushi rolls like the professionals, then this class is for you! Come ready to make California rolls, sweet potato rolls, and a mouthwatering cucumber salad with all your favorite sauces.

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