Repair Services

Repair Services

Did you know the Bike Center offers drop-off repairs? We can repair flats, brake pads, and more. Drop of your bike, we’ll repair it, and you can get back to riding in no time!

No drop-off repairs or bike rentals from Saturday, May 13 – Monday, May 29

Drop-Off Repairs

FlatsReplace tube and/or tire$18 (includes tubes)
Brake padsInstall or adjustments$12 (rim brake only)
Cable adjustmentsFine tune and adjust brake/shifter cables$15
Chain replacementInstall new chain$10 (does not include cost of chain)
Pedal changeInstall new pedals$10 (does not include cost of pedals)


  1. Bring your bike to the Campus Bike Center during operating hours or call us at (217) 333-0241.
  2. Bike Center staff member will assess your bike’s problem with you and get in touch within 48 hours to confirm the work needed.
  3. When the repair is complete, we’ll email an invoice. Payment can be made in person at ARC or over the phone. Once payment is confirmed your bike will be ready for pick-up at the Bike Center.