The McKinley Fitness Peers are offering free wellness check-ups on the first and third Wednesday of each month this semester. These wellness check-ups consist of the measurement of body composition and blood pressure. There will also be an area for you to ask questions that you might have related to fitness or nutrition.

2016 Details

Free to UI students and Campus Recreation members. There is no advance sign-up for these free wellness check-ups. First-come, first-served. Please check out the description of the wellness check-ups below.

Time and Location


5-7 pm

Entrance to locker rooms on the ARC concourse level

Body Composition Zone

The Body Composition Analysis will be measured by utilizing a Tanita Bioelectrical Impedance Scale. This test will require height and weight measures and will require you to stand on a scale for approximately 5 seconds. You will receive a small print-out of the results along with an information sheet explaining the results.

For accurate measurement of body composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis, you must follow the following protocol:

  • No alcohol consumption for 48 hours prior to test.
  • Avoid intense exercise for 12 hours prior to test.
  • Avoid all diuretics (coffee, tea, caffeinated soda) for at least 12 hours prior to test.
  • Avoid eating or drinking 4 hours prior to test.
  • Empty bladder 30 minutes before test.
  • Menstruating women should ensure they are at the same stage of their menstrual cycle for each test.

Q & A Zone

Get your nutrition and fitness-related questions answered by health care professionals from the Sportwell Center (McKinley Health Center’s Sports Medicine Clinic) with no appointment necessary. Free take-home educational materials will also be available on nutrition and fitness.