Well-Being Resources

Well-Being Resources

Campus Support

If at any time while taking this survey you feel like you might need immediate help or support, please contact any of the following campus resources:

ARC Reflection Room

The reflection room is located on the concourse level of the ARC next to the entrance to the instructional kitchen.

Rest, relax, and reboot in the ARC reflection room. Use the calming space for both structured and unstructured meditation. Included in the space is a sound machine, light machine, coloring sheets, comfortable chairs, prayer pillows, yoga mats, and yoga blankets. Patrons can also pick up and read educational resources, as well as scan a QR code for guided meditation exercises.

Patrons can reserve time in the reflection room via their Active Illini account. For information on how to login, visit the Active Illini informational page.

Online Resources


Campus Rec has partnered with CampusWell, an interdepartmental platform of resources that provides articles and videos about topics ranging from body image, nutrition, and mindfulness, to time management, substance abuse, finances, and much more.

Click on the button below to go to Illinois’ CampusWell website!

Community Calendar

The Student Wellness Community Calendar is updated weekly to provide health, wellness, and well-being resources that are available through both campus and the greater community. Resources are aimed at the 8-dimensions of wellness. This calendar is packed with opportunities from classes on stress management, to adult social dance classes, and workshops covering therapeutic arts.

Take the Pledge

Wellness pledge banner/Facebook cover

As an Illini who is focused on the health and wellbeing of myself and my community, I pledge to:

  1. CELEBRATE, love and accept the body that I have.
  2. CHOOSE, to make positive decisions for my health as they relate to nutrition, physical activity, and self-care.
  3. CARE, for the earth by engaging in environmentally responsible activities.
  4. CONSULT, daily with my personal beliefs, values, and morals that give my life meaning and purpose.
  5. CONTRIBUTE, to the campus community and make the University of Illinois a safe place to learn, live, love, and grow.

Wellness Reflection

Have you ever wondered where you stand within the 8 dimensions of wellness? Are you stronger in some? What about the others?

Use this tool to reflect.

  • Gives you a snapshot of where you are on your personal wellness journey
  • Take as often as you want
  • Your results might change based on how you are doing at that moment
  • Gain insight into areas of wellness that you should focus on

None of the information you share while taking this assessment will be stored or seen by anyone but yourself.