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Engage the diverse Illinois students and other campus community members in opportunities to learn about, cook, taste and share health-supporting, sustainably-produced food.

Educate about the culinary and other skills needed for planning, preparing, serving, and evaluating healthy meals.

Provide a safe, clean and sustainable space for the campus community to engage in research, service-learning, experiential learning, and personal growth and development.

Utilize culinary education as a part of a strategy to improve food security, employment opportunities, and simultaneously improve health for underserved individuals and the campus community.

(Re) Connect a positive food experience with the growth of local, whole, and more sustainably produced food.

Demonstrate the viability of hands-on experience with healthy food preparation and tasting for improving eating habits and life-long health


The Instructional Kitchen provides a variety of educational, and nutrition-focused programming for students to cultivate healthy habits. Check them out below.

Get Fresh!

Sign up to get fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables every Tuesday for 6 weeks. Farm to table produce program from the Student Sustainable Farm about a mile away.

Instructional Kitchen Cooking Classes

Try a variety of classes learning how to cook, bake, and enjoy new recipes.

Nutrition Coaching Poster

Nutrition Coaching

Learn what it means to eat healthy and balanced without being on a diet tailored to you.

Illini Eats

Leave the meal planning behind and put down the shopping list! Grab a to go meal kit from the ARC Instructional Kitchen. This chef curated meal serves two for only $10! Register today.

Tasting Thursdays

Check the Instructional Kitchen Calendar for Tasting Thursdays, a program where you can sample delicious food from the Instructional Kitchen and learn a tip or two about keeping up great wellness habits.

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Explore archived recipes from the Instructional Kitchen Cooking Classes on the Recipes and Inspiration page. Additionally, subscribe to Campus Rec’s YouTube channel and watch the videos on the Foodie Friday playlist for fun and instructional cooking videos.


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