Functional Recipes. Friendly Experience. Fresh Food.

Functional Recipes.

In the kitchen, we strive to offer recipes that are relevant to the diverse community we serve. We try to provide a variety of recipes good for all occasions, tips on safer, better, and innovative use of kitchen equipment, and tips on cooking with limited resources – be it budget, space, equipment, or time.

Friendly Experience.

The staff at the instructional kitchen is extremely open to all levels of cooking experience. They will serve as more of a cooking guide, leading patrons through recipes and techniques that enhance the cooking experience. Usually staffed by dietetics students, instructors are very open to discussion about nutrition and other wellness topics.

Fresh Food.

Let’s face it, we try to make tasty food. And using fresh ingredients will definitely help! Fresh ingredients also support overall wellness for our community and our conscience. Buying locally guarantees fresher produce, stimulates economic movement, keeps costs low, and means you are getting more nutrients per serving!

Check out the various programs, classes, and resources available at the ARC’s instructional kitchen and cook up something delicious.