Meet the Trainers

Meet our knowledgable and dedicated personal trainers!

Leadership Team


Undergraduate Program Assistant of PT

About Traverse

“My fitness philosophy is that you can always do more than you think you can, and it is my job to help you see that. I always aim to have my clients enjoy working out along with achieving their goals.”

Personal Trainers


About Aaron

“I am a physics major with 6 years of weightlifting experience. I love enjoying the great outdoors and speaking Swedish. I am also an avid vegan and I love cats.”


About Aashna

“My mission as a personal trainer is to help my clients reach their current goals while teaching them how create a healthier and happier lifestyle!”


About Alexandra

“I am a senior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology on the pre-medical track with minors in psychology and business. My fitness philosophy is that progress is not always linear! I’m excited to help my clients see positivity in their fitness journey at every stage.”


About Ausar

“I’m a junior studying Construction management in the schools of ACES. I have a background in powerlifting and boxing. I love weightlifting and hope I can get my clients too as well!”


About Benjamin

“I am a Junior TSM major in ACES. I am very involved in Army ROTC on campus. I truly enjoy working with my clients and helping them reach their fitness goals.”


About Billy

“My goal as a personal trainer is to help you to become the best version of yourself; exercise positively influences every corner of your life and I will help you to reap the benefits.”


About Brian

“I’m a kinesiology major in my senior year. I also enjoy playing sports, playing video games, and going on walks.”


About Cait

“I am a junior studying Kinesiology on the pre-physical therapy track with a minor in music. I am an avid runner and a cardio enthusiast as an ex-dancer. In my free time I like to rollerblade and sing with my a cappella group on campus. My fitness philosophy is that there are no bad days when you are training. Completing any kind of exercise is an accomplishment and your body will thank you!”


About Chikelu

“I am currently majoring in Kinesiology. My introduction to fitness came after the Covid-19 pandemic. My only goal is to ensure you get the into shape and the confidence you’ve always dreamed of! The benefits of health & fitness are evident!”


About Daniel

“I am a kinesiology major. I train with a focus on move td over muscle and I specialize in athletic performance and Olympic weightlifting.”


About Gabby

“I enjoy weightlifting and spending time moving my body. My fitness philosophy is that any movement is better than none- the hardest part is getting started.”


About Gage

Bio coming soon!


About Jaden

“I am a senior study dance and kinesiology. I am a very active person and love to share my interest of exercise with others. I like to paint, dance and watch TV shows.”


About Jasmin

“I’m majoring in Kinesiology on a pre-Physical Therapy track. I like spending quality time with friends and family, and I love meeting new people. My philosophy is that fitness is both mental and physical, and that the first step to becoming more healthy is the right mindset.”


About Jeongkyu

“I’m currently a junior in Kinesiology, interested in being active in general. My fitness philosophy is that you should never train for others, train for yourself instead! It’s important to find your true passion for fitness to make it a long-term lifestyle!”


About Jessie

“I’ve always loved playing sports like tennis and volleyball. I’m excited to help empower people to work towards their own fitness goal!”


About Julia

“I am currently a sophomore studying business. I enjoy lifting and hanging out with friends.”


About Michael

“I really enjoy weightlifting in the morning and I just started running with hopes to run a 10k eventually! I also enjoy hanging out with my dog Zero, reading, and playing video games.”


About Rachel

“I have grown up athletic my whole life and even was a D1 collegiate athlete for two year!. Now that my competitive years are over, I still love to be active and enjoy leading others through workouts.”


About Reid

“I am a junior studying Agricultural Economics. I love training clients and teaching others about lifting weights.”


About Ricky

“I’m studying Aerospace Engineering at UIUC, and I got into fitness at a young age playing sports. My love for training has only grown ever since!”


About Rocky

“I’m eager to be part of peoples’ fitness journeys as they look to better themselves through working out. Positivity and persistence are the driving forces to achieving success in the gym, and I’m ready to provide both!”


About Shaina

“I am a junior studying Kinesiology and psychology. In my free time I like to play with my dogs and lift weights! My fitness philosophy is “form over ego”. The only person you need to impress on your fitness journey is yourself!”


About Sid

“I’m a Systems Engineering and Design student who loves Marvel, Cars, and anything Gym related! I also love meeting new people!”


About Stephanie

“I am currently a senior in speech and hearing sciences and love to work one-on-one as a personal trainer. Exercise is therapy! I love to try new foods, read, and spend time with friends.”


About Yasmeen

“I believe being physically active not only boosts confidence, but it also builds discipline and promotes healthy habits.”