**Please note that at this time we have a very high influx of personal training requests. We have started a waiting list and will reach out to you as soon as a trainer becomes available to take on more clients. Thank you for your patience.


1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

This one-hour session with a PT will allow you the opportunity to train individually with a certified personal trainer.

  • student: $25/hour
  • member: $30/hour
Discounted Rate

Purchase 10 or more sessions and receive a FREE Nutrition Check-Up with our ARC Instructional Kitchen experts. For more information, visit: the Nutrition Checkup page and register here!

  • student: $21/hour
  • member: $26/hour

30-Minute Personal Training Sessions

Are you strapped for time but still want to have someone lead you through structured workouts? This might be the option you need for a personal trainer to assist you in reaching your goals.

  • student: $15
  • member: $20

Group Personal Training (2-4 Persons)

This one hour session is your opportunity to train with a partner or 2-3 friends as a personal trainer leads you through structured workouts. It is recommended that your training partners be of a similar level of fitness to facilitate this style of training.

  • each student: $17/hour
  • each member: $20/hour
Discounted Rate

Purchase 10 or more sessions at one time and receive the discounted rate.

  • each student: $14/hour
  • each member: $17/hour

Personal Training Consultation/Program Design

This one hour session is your opportunity to discuss your current fitness program design with a personal trainer and/or have a personal trainer set you up with a new fitness program design. This session does not take place on the fitness floor and does not involve the trainer showing new exercises.

  • each student: $20/hour
  • each member: $24/hour