Maximize Your Workout with a Certified Personal Trainer who will design a customized plan to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.  Our trainers specialize in many areas of study and practice which include weight management, exercise adherence education, bodybuilding, powerlifting, distance running, pre-natal/post-natal fitness, general nutrition advice, athletic conditioning, and much more. Let us guide you along your fitness journey. Sign-up today!


1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

This one-hour session with a PT will allow you the opportunity to train individually with a certified personal trainer.

  • student: $25/hour
  • member: $30/hour
Discounted Rate

Purchase 10 or more sessions and receive the discounted rate.

  • student: $21/hour
  • member: $26/hour

30-Minute Personal Training Sessions

Are you strapped for time but still want to have someone lead you through structured workouts? This might be the option you need for a personal trainer to assist you in reaching your goals.

  • student: $15
  • member: $20

Group Personal Training (2-4 Persons)

This one hour session is your opportunity to train with a partner or 2-3 friends as a personal trainer leads you through structured workouts. It is recommended that your training partners be of a similar level of fitness to facilitate this style of training.

  • each student: $17/hour
  • each member: $20/hour
Discounted Rate

Purchase 10 or more sessions at one time and receive the discounted rate.

  • each student: $14/hour
  • each member: $17/hour

Personal Training Consultation/Program Design

This one hour session is your opportunity to discuss your current fitness program design with a personal trainer and/or have a personal trainer set you up with a new fitness program design. This session does not take place on the fitness floor and does not involve the trainer showing new exercises.

  • each student: $20/hour
  • each member: $24/hour
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