Here in Campus Recreation, we believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with a great routine. Have one of our personal trainers help you to build an individualized exercise routine to get you on the right path to achieving your goals.  Our holistic approach to Personal Training will help you find success in a way that fits your unique goals, schedule and budget. Your trainer will create and lead a progressive program designed specifically for you.

One-on-one personal training sessions are available effective immediately! Schedule your session today!

Types of Training Sessions

Patrons can request to participate in their personal training sessions virtually.


With a One on One program, clients work individually with a personal trainer who has extensive knowledge in anatomy, exercise physiology and kinesiology to design a fitness program that meets the unique needs of the client.

Two Clients with One Personal Trainer

Want the additional motivation and accountability of training with a friend under the direction of an expert? Then two with one Personal Training is for you.

Small Group Training

Small group training (4-6 people) presents the opportunity to experience the benefits of the expertise and motivation of a trainer while lowering the financial entry point and/or spending more time with the trainer for the available funds.

Tuesday Tips

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