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Intramural badminton matches will be conducted under the rules of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) with the following modifications:

General Information

  1. All intramural badminton matches will take place in ARC Gym 3
  2. Singles and Doubles divisions will play 4 regular season games with top teams advancing to a playoff bracket based on playoff advancement criteria listed in the IM Handbook


  1. Shuttles will be provided by Campus Recreation
    • Other shuttles may be used if both sides can agree on one
  2. Participants must bring their own badminton racquets or check out racquets from Members Services.
    • The intramural program cannot guarantee the availability of racquets and assumes no responsibility for forfeited games due to players/teams not having a racquet

The Match

  1. Games are self-officiated, for any discrepancies the point is to be replayed
  2. A match will be best 2 out of 3 games
  3. Games will be played to 11 points. A player/team must win by 2 points.
  4. Games are capped at 15 points
  5. Winner of a coin toss/rock paper scissors has the option of serving first, receiving first or choosing the side of the court to start on. Loser of the toss will have the choice of the remaining options.


  1. Rally – the period during which the shuttle is in play
  2. Point – a rally of which the result is scored
  3. Server – the player due to strike the shuttle first in a rally
  4. Receiver – the player due to strike the shuttle second in a rally

Game Play and Scoring

  1. A player/team wins a rally by hitting the shuttle over the net and onto the inbounds floor of the opposing side’s court.
  2. A player/team loses a rally if the shuttle:
    • Hits the net without going over
    • Passes through or under the net
    • Lands outside the boundaries of the opposing court
    • Fails to cross over the net
    • Touches the ceiling or sidewalls
    • Touches a person or their clothing
    • Players/teams earn a point by winning a rally in which they were the server
    • Players/teams earn the right to serve by winning a rally in which they were the receiver
    • Players may not strike a shuttle before it enters his/her court although the follow through of a racquet may break the plane of the net provided the shuttle was contacted on the player’s own side of the net
    • Players may not hit the net with a racquet or other body parts
    • Players may only hit the shuttle once on a side
    • The shuttle may not hit the floor
    • The shuttle may not rest momentarily on the racket during a shot. This is a “carry” and the player at fault should call it.
    • Singles play consist of only the inside areas of the court. Doubles play also includes the outside side lanes of the court.


  1. The first serve of the game is made from the right service court and received in the diagonal service court.
  2. The second serve from the same player/team is made from the left service court and then continues to alternate until the serve is earned by the other player/team
  3. In doubles, teams must change the server each time they win the serve back from the other team. If the serving team wins a point, the same server continues to serve following the alternating court pattern.
  4. The losing side of a game always serves first in the next game.
  5. Players change sides after each game.
  6. Serving faults result in a loss of serve, the following are all serving faults:
    • Shuttle is above the waist at the point of contact.
    • Server is not in the proper service area or not behind the service line.
    • Server does not have at least one foot in contact with the floor on serve.
    • Server fakes a serve.
    • Served shuttle does not fall in opponent’s diagonal receiving court.

Co-Rec Doubles

  1. A Co-Rec Doubles team must consist of one male and one female