Download PDF of Rules

Games will be played under USA Volleyball Outdoor Volleyball Rules with the following modifications. In the case of a dispute, the full rules are available online at

General Info:

  1. There will not be any intramural officials, games will be self-officiated and played on the honor system.
  2. An intramural staff member will be on duty to check in players and record game results.
  3. If a in/out or net dispute occurs and it cannot be resolved amicably, replay the point.
  4. The boundary lines of the court are considered INBOUNDS. If it hits the line it’s in.
  5. The IM Jersey policy is NOT in effect.
  6. Billed hats, knotted bandanas, or other headwear with a hard, unyielding, area will not be permitted.

Team Formation:

  1. Teams are composed of six players.
  2. Four players are required to start a game.
  3. Team rosters are limited to 20 players.
  4. See Co-Rec Modifications for Co-rec limitations.

Game Length

  1. Matches will consist of a best of 3 game series.
  2. The first two games will be played to 21 using rally scoring.
  3. If a third match is required, it will be played to 15 using rally scoring.

Start of Game

  1. Game will begin with the home team having the serve and away team with the choice of court side.
  2. For the second game, teams will switch sides and the away team start with the serve.
  3. In the case of a third set, the team that won their set by more points will get the serve and the other team will have choice of side.
  4. In the 3rd set, teams are required to switch sides after one team has scored 8 points.

Player Positions

  1. At the time of service all players must be inside the boundaries of the court.
  2. Players must follow proper rotations.
  3. Players must maintain the same service order throughout the match.
  4. If a player is substituted for, he/she must return to the same spot in the service order.
  5. Other than the previous regulation, player substitutions are unlimited.


  1. A legal serve will take place from behind the team’s end line anywhere inside the sidelines.
  2. Serving player must remain behind the end line until the ball has been served. If player serves in the air, he/she can land on or inside the line.
  3. A legal serve can touch the net on the way over.

Play at Net

  1. Ball must cross over net in-bounds.
  2. Player contact with the net is prohibited.
  3. In blocking, a player may touch the ball beyond the net provided that he/she does not interfere with opponent’s play.
  4. A player may cross under the net provided it does not interfere with opponent’s play.

Co-Rec Modifications

  1. Teams are limited to 3 men and 3 women on the court at one time.
  2. At least 1 man and 1 woman are required to start a game.
  3. Men and women do not need to alternate positions in the rotation.
  4. There are no restrictions or rules concerning whether men or women can contact the ball on a particular volley