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Intramural flag football games will be conducted under the rules of the NIRSA – National Intramural/Recreational Sports Association 17th Edition (2014-2015) Flag and Touch Football Rulebook and Official’s Manual, and the University of Illinois Intramural Program Rule set for 7 on 7 Flag Football with the following modifications:

  1. The game shall be played between 2 teams of 4 players each. Three players are required to start the game.
  2. The field measures 40 yards in length, goal line to goal line, and 30 yards in width.
  3. The captain winning the toss shall select offense, defense, direction, or defer their choice to the second half.
  4. Playing time shall be two 10 minute halves.
  5. The clock will start on the snap to begin each half. It will run continuously for the first 9 minutes unless stopped by a team or Referee’s time-out.
  6. Approximately 1 minute before the end of each half the Referee shall stop the clock and inform both captains of the playing time remaining in the half. The clock starts on the snap.
  7. A start, stop clock shall be used for the last minute of each half.
  8. If the game is tied after regulation, each team will attempt to score by passing from the 3 yard line for 1 point or from the 10 yard line for 2 points. If the defense intercepts a pass or fumble, the attempt is over.
  9. Each team is entitled to one charged time-out per game, including overtimes.
  10. A team shall have 3 consecutive downs to advance the ball to the next zone by scrimmage.
  11. A new series of downs is awarded when a team moves the ball legally into the next zone or the opponent obtains possession of the ball by penalty, pass interception, or failure to advance to the next zone.
  12. The ball shall be placed at the Team A 10 yard line to begin each half of a game and following a Try, Touchback, or safety, unless moved by penalty. Note: There are no kicks.
  13. The offensive team must have at least one player on their scrimmage line at the snap.
  14. A runner from team A cannot advance the ball through Team A’s scrimmage line. There are no restrictions after a change of possession or once a legal forward pass has been caught beyond Team A’s scrimmage line.
  15. There is no rush count for the defense or throw clock for the quarterback.  The defense may rush as many players it wants at the quarterback when the ball is snapped.  The quarterback may scramble until a pass is thrown or they are deflagged.
  16. The mercy rule does not apply.
  17. All 10 yard penalties from 7 on 7 flag football are enforced as 5 yards and all 5 yard penalties from 7 on 7 flag football are enforced as 3 yard penalties.