Manage Your Team

Manage Your Team


Read the directions below to learn how to manage your roster, invite players to your team, view game cards, and view who is pending on your roster.

  1. Once logged into Active Illini, click on the drop-down menu (three lines in the left upper corner), go to Intramural Activities, and click on “My Teams” 
  2. Once in the “My Teams” page, you will be able to:
    • Send team invitations 
    • View pending rosters 
    • See your past and current teams

You can look You can look at more details of each team of which you are a part by clicking on the team name (in orange text) at the upper left-hand corner of each team card. 

If you cannot accept a team invitation from the email and link that is sent to your Illinois account, you can accept your team invitations under the “My Invites” tab. 

Playoff Draft


To be eligible for playoffs, you must meet ALL of the following: 

  • Be one of the top 2 teams in your division 
  • 2.5 sportsmanship rating
  • No forfeits
  • Be in good standing the Intramural Sports Department 
  • You will receive an email with instructions and a link to the playoff bracket 
  • You will have 2 minutes to pick your spot
    • No other team will be able to pick during your allotted 2 minutes 
    • You can move your team as many times as you want during the 2 minutes 
    • If you miss your pick, you must wait until the end of the draft to choose your position 
    • Be sure to plan ahead!!Can your team make games that are scheduled later in the bracket? 
  • If you do not pick your spot by 11:59pm the day of the draft, the Intramural staff will pick your spot for you. 


  1. Log-in
    • Log in to your Active Illini account
    • Only the CAPTAIN can select the team’s spot in the playoff bracket 
    • You will access the Draft through the “My Teams” option under “Intramural Activities” in the pull out menu
    • Once in “My Teams,” click on your team name highlighted in red in the upper left corner of your Team Card.
  2. Go to Draft
    • After selecting your team name, click on the red button that says “Go to Draft”
  3. Once in the playoff draft, you will be brought to a screen where you can view:
  • Left side of the screen:
    • The teams that are on the clock for choosing their sport
    • A list of teams that are int he draft
    • A draft start time
  • Right side of the screen:
    • Draft details (how long the draft lasts, rules of the draft)
    • Live feed of the draft (see who has already picked, who missed their pick, and when the draft ends and is finalized)
  1. The playoff bracket will appear at the bottom of the screen. View each game date and time to strategically choose your team’s position in the bracket.
  2. Picking your spot in the bracket.
    • To pick your game, simply click on the slot you want
    • Once in your desired spot, you’re one!
      • Remember you can move as many times as you would like in the 2-minute time slot
  3. Once all teams have chosen their spots, the Intramural staff will finalize and the bracket will be