1. Intramural Contest Eligibility
  2. Intramural Contest Information
    1. 2.1. Registration for Intramural Activities
    2. 2.2. Captains’ Purpose and Responsibilities
    3. 2.3. Captain Changes and Changes to IMLeagues Team Registration
    4. 2.4. Removing Players From Rosters
    5. 2.5. Online Captain’s Presentation and Verification
    6. 2.6. Fees, Withdrawing, and Refund Policy
    7. 2.7. Schedules
    8. 2.8. Forfeits and Defaults
    9. 2.9. “For Love Of The Game”
    10. 2.10. Playoffs & Championships
    11. 2.11. Inclement Weather
    12. 2.12. Injuries and Blood Policy
    13. 2.13. Equipment and Uniforms
    14. 2.14. Free Agency
    15. 2.15. Greek Cup
  3. Intramural Contest Sportsmanship Policies
    1. 3.1. Conduct Rules
    2. 3.2. Ejections
    3. 3.3. Suspensions
    4. 3.4. Appeals
    5. 3.5. Sportsmanship Ratings
    6. 3.6. Spectator Policy
    7. 3.7. Protests

Section 1 – Intramural Contest Eligibility

1.1 Who can participate in Intramural Activities?

1). Any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student with a valid University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Student Identification Card (i-card).

*Students registered for 6 hours (3 hours in the summer) are typically assessed the Student Service Fee which supports Campus Recreation programs. Students who are assessed the Student Service Fee are automatically Campus Rec members and may enter any Campus Rec facility with their i-card. Those with fewer hours or who are exempt from the Service Fee may request to have the fee assessed through Student Accounts (100 Henry Administration Bldg) in order to become Campus Rec members.

2). Any person who has a current Campus Rec membership.

Determining eligibility status PRIOR to each intramurals event is the responsibility of each individual participant and the team captain. The captain’s responsibility regarding player eligibility is stated during the online registration process and captains quiz. By submitting an online registration form, the team captain assumes responsibility for the eligibility of all team members and any possible penalties for violations of eligibility rules.

The Campus Recreation staff does not assume responsibility for the eligibility of participants, but will assist in the interpretation of the rules and question cases brought to its attention. The Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to check eligibility at any time.

*Individuals with a visitor card are allowed to participate in intramural activities.

1.2 Who CANNOT participate in Intramural Activities?

Guest Pass Holders: Student Associate, Community, and Alumni members of Campus Recreation Club Sport Athletes:

Club Sport Athletes: In any intramural sport, a team may have no more than two club sport athletes on its roster.

A club sport athlete is defined as any student who participated in a club sport within that particular academic year. Even if the club sport’s season ends in the fall semester, players that were on that team are considered club sport athletes through the following spring semester.

Examples: Intramural Softball ↔ Club Softball, Club Baseball
Intramural Volleyball (Sand & Regular) ↔ Club Volleyball
Intramural Soccer (Indoor & Outdoor) ↔ Club Soccer
Intramural Ultimate Frisbee ↔ Club Ultimate Frisbee
Intramural Broomball ↔ Club Roller Hockey and Club Ice Hockey

Teams found with more than two club athletes on their rosters will forfeit all games in which any of the club athletes played. Captains and club sport athletes themselves are ultimately responsible for verifying club sport athlete eligibility before participating in intramural activities.

Varsity Athletes: Varsity athletes are only allowed to participate in intramural activities during the offseason of their varsity sport. Varsity athletes are considered based on the Academic Year they participated on the team and must take a gap year from their last season before being able to play in an activity that is directly related to their sport. For example, a soccer player whose last season to play was in the fall of 2018, they are not eligible to play a soccer activity until fall of 2019. The intramural activity must not be directly related to their varsity sport. For example, a football team member may not participate in 4 on 4 flag football. This applies to all scholarship players, walk-ons, and squad members.

Professional Athletes: Professional athletes may not participate in any Intramural activity until at least two full calendar years have passed since they were released or retired. Teams found playing with professional athletes who have not met this criterion will forfeit all games in which that individual has played.

1.3 I-card Policy and Sign-In Procedures

All players must present a valid I-Card in order to participate in an Intramural contest. Upon arrival and prior to an intramural contest, all participants must sign-in with the Intramural staff and present their I-Card for identification purposes. No other forms of identification will be accepted (ex. driver’s license). Participants must present their I-Card at every contest, even if they are already listed on the online team roster. If a participant is listed on the roster, but does not have proper identification, he or she will not be allowed to participate in that contest. Participants may
sign into the game with any valid photo ID provided they are printed on the game sheet or are eligible on the IMLeagues online roster to utilize our One-Time Exception policy.

One-Time Exception
The One-Time exception policy is designed so that students who have forgotten their i-card, but are printed on the roster, may still sign-in for their game.  Each participant may use this exception policy once per semester.  To use the One-Time exception policy the following criteria must be met:

  • Must have a valid government Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, State issued ID)
  • Must not have previously used a One-Time Exception during the current semester
  • Must be listed on the IMLeagues Online Roster

Failure to Sign-In
If at any time a team is found to have a player participating in the contest without having signed in on the official intramural gamesheet/IMLeagues and doesn’t have their ICard present or are ineligible for the One-Time Exception Policy, said team will forfeit the game and all forfeit fees and consequences will apply. Team captains are ultimately responsible for ensuring that each of his/her teammates properly sign into contests before they participate. This policy is in place to ensure the intramural program always has an accurate record of who is participating in games to protect the integrity of each and every intramural team.

If a game must be stopped to confirm players checking-in, the following consequences will occur:

  • Flag Football: Charged one time-out
  • Basketball: Charged one time-out
  • Soccer: Must play down a player until next legal substitution opportunity
  • Volleyball: Loss of serve (no points awarded)
  • Softball: Team will receive one out
  • Inner Tube Water Polo: Turnover in possession

Late Participants
Players may arrive and sign in throughout the contest. If a participant arrives to play after the contest has begun, it is his or her responsibility to locate an onsite intramural staff and sign-in with a valid I-Card before participating in the contest. If a late participant cannot present a valid I-Card and is not eligible for a One-Time Exception, he or she will not be allowed to enter the contest.

Improper ID Use
No participant may use another individual’s I-Card/photo ID to sign-in and participate in a contest. In the event that the identity of an I-Card/photo ID holder trying to sign in to a game does not match the identity on the I-Card/photo ID, the I-Card will be confiscated by intramural staff per University policy. Both individuals, the card holder, as well as the identity on the I-Card, will be suspended from all intramural play for the remainder of the semester. All improper I-Card use intramural suspensions will go into effect immediately when the I-Card is confiscated and suspensions can only be lifted by the intramural Assistant Director. In addition, violators may be held to further disciplinary measures at both the Campus Recreation (facility access) and University levels that operate completely independent from the semester long intramural suspension.

1.4 Team Rosters

An individual is bound to the first team that they sign into a game for.  Participants must sign up on the online roster before 2pm on the day of the contest (except for Sunday games) or they will not be allowed to sign-in onsite or participate.  For Sunday games, players must be added to the roster before 2pm on the preceding Friday. A participant is not formally considered to be on that team’s official roster until they physically sign in for that team at an actual contest.

IMLeagues Mobile Confirmation
In the event a player has not signed up for their team before the rosters are printed, they may show the Intramural Staff their name on the IMLeagues Roster online.  If you show as ineligible on the mobile site, nothing can be done until the office is opened.  It is highly recommended that you join your team roster before 2pm on the day of your game (2pm on Friday for Sunday games) to ensure your ability to play in the contest.

Adding Players to Rosters
In league play, individuals may be added to a team’s roster during the entire season, including regular season and playoffs.

Roster Limits
All activities have an unlimited roster limit except for Basketball which has a limit of 15.  Roster limits are in place to ensure that all team members are accounted for on the official intramural game sheet.

1.5 How many teams can I play for?

Individuals may play on one single-gender team and one Co-Rec team per intramural activity. Current league classifications for intramurals are: Co-Rec, Fraternity Greek Cup, Men’s, Sorority Greek Cup, and Women’s. This means that a male-identified player may play on a Co-Rec team and a Fraternity team or a Men’s team for any particular sport. Likewise, a female identified player may play on a Co-Rec team and a Sorority team or a Women’s team for any particular sport.

League Types

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Fraternity Greek Cup
  • Sorority Greek Cup
  • Greek Cup Co-Rec (Fraternity + Sorority Co-Rec League)
  • Co-Rec (Teams comprised of a specific number of male and female participants)
  • Open (No restrictions on Men/Women)

Any individual who feels as though an adaptation has not yet been made allowing for your full participation in Intramural Activities may feel free to contact the Campus Recreation staff at campusrec@illinois.edu or phone at 217-333-3806.

The Intramural Activities program aims to offer opportunities for all students and Campus Recreation members. Intramural activity leagues are based on traditional gender binary of men and women, however the program is eager to accommodate participants whose gender identity may not fit within this framework. Please choose the team that best suits your gender-identification. For more information or questions please contact the Intramural Office. If you would like to be a part of Campus Rec’s inclusion efforts, please contact us with your ideas.

An individual becomes officially bound to the roster of the first team they sign into an intramural game for. From that point forward, the individual may not play on or switch to any other team within the same league for the remainder of the sport season, including playoffs.

Campus Recreation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign celebrates the transgender student population among their intramural activities participants. Through the guiding policies of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), we empower students to participate in intramural divisions/leagues in accordance with one’s gender identity, regardless of any medical treatment. The participant’s gender identity is applied when there are gender-specific rules of player ratio requirements in CoRec divisions/leagues. If an individual or team is unsure of which division/league would be most appropriate in which to participate, please contact the Intramural Office to work with professional staff to determine which division/league would most appropriately fit the participation needs of the individual or team.

1.6 Eligibility Violations

Multiple Team Violations
An individual’s signing up on a team’s IMLeagues roster and signing into an intramural game limits that individual’s participation to that particular team within the specific league throughout the sport season. An individual who plays for a second team within the same league during that sport season will be declared ineligible and cannot continue to play for the original team or any other team for the remainder of the season. The second team for which the individual played for will be assessed a forfeit and charged a forfeit fee for the contest in which the violation occurred. Forfeit fees are the responsibility of the Team Captain.

Ineligible Players in a Contest
If a team is found playing with an ineligible player at any point during the season, that team will be charged with a forfeit and will be subject to all accompanying penalties and fees. These consequences apply regardless of whether the violation is discovered during or after the contest. Intramural Activities reserves the right to retroactively change the result of the game in which an ineligible player participated in to a forfeit score, and assess a forfeit fee to the team captain for failing to determine the player’s eligibility prior to the contest.

Participating Players Who Have Not Signed in to a Contest
If during an intramural contest, an onsite Intramural staff member finds that a team is playing with more players than the number who signed in on the gamesheet, the game will be stopped immediately and declared a forfeit if those players cannot properly sign-in for the game (Section 1.3) the players who did not sign in are in violation of section 1.3 – Failure to Sign In. All forfeit fees and consequences will be applied to the team with the players who did not sign in. It is possible to have a double forfeit if both teams have players participating in the contest who did not sign in. Ultimately, the team captain is responsible for ensuring that all of players on his/her team sign in before participating in a contest.

Section 2 – Intramural Contest Information

2.1 Registration for Intramural Activities

The registration period for all intramural leagues and tournaments will begin at least two weeks prior to the first game day of the season. All registration dates for the given semester can be found on the IMLeagues website. The entire registration process is conducted through IMLeagues.

How to Register

Once a team has been registered by a team captain, all participants who wish to play for that team must sign up on the online roster through the IMLeagues website. In addition, all players who wish to join a roster, must do so before 2:00pm on the day of the game in order to be eligible to participate. In the event a player has not signed up for their team before the rosters are printed, they may show the Intramural Staff their name on the IMLeagues Roster online. Check-in priority is for those participants with the required I-Card, it may take time to sign-in if you are using our Mobile option. If you show as ineligible on the mobile site, nothing can be done until the office is opened. It is highly recommended that you join your team roster before 2:00pm on the day of your game to ensure your ability to play in the contest. All intramural participants will be required to create an account on IMLeagues.com.

All intramural participants will be required to create an account on IMLeagues.com.

2.2 Captains’ Purpose and Responsibilities

The purpose of the team captain is to oversee the various aspects of an intramural team throughout a season. This includes registration, monitoring eligibility of players, checking game times, understanding and communicating sport rules/intramural policies to teammates, and being the primary point of contact with Intramural Activities. The team captain is responsible for making sure that all team members are aware of and abiding by, all Intramural policies and sport rules. Team captains are also responsible for checking IMLeagues after every Intramural contest to confirm that the recorded game result and sportsmanship ratings are accurate. It is acceptable for another team member to check IMLeagues in lieu of a captain who cannot attend a game. Captains are responsible for the team fee in each sport where they captain a team, as well as any forfeit fees that may be incurred by the team.

The team captain is ultimately responsible for the behavior of all team members (on and off the field of play) as well as all respective fans. Team captains may be responsible and face consequences based on the actions of these individuals and their failure to intervene.

Team captains are responsible for providing the following information to their teammates:

  • Individuals who elect to participate in Campus Recreational Intramural Activities’ Programs sponsored by the University do so with the understanding that such participation is voluntary.
  • Please be aware that participation in physical activities involves a higher degree of risk than normal activities. Consult your physician if in doubt.
  • The University will not assume responsibility for the loss of personal property or injury to participants.
  • Participants must present proper ID for facility access, equipment checkout and contest participation.
2.3 Captain Changes and Changes to IMLeagues Team Registration

Once a captain has completed the registration process for a particular team, that captain is bound to that team and he or she may no longer change teams or appoint another team member as captain. Please make sure that your captain signs up your team. If an individual does not want to be a captain, it is best if the individual does not sign up the team.

In order to remove a player from a team roster, the team captain must contact the Intramural Office to verify that the inactive player has not signed into any intramural games for that specific team. If the Intramural Office staff can verify that the player in question has not signed into any intramural games for that specific team, the player will be removed from the team’s roster and he/she will remain eligible to play for another team within the same league classification should he/she want to.

Players who have already signed in for an intramural game with a specific team cannot be removed from that team’s roster. The intramural program has the final say when it comes to removing players from rosters.

2.4 Removing Players From Rosters

Players can be removed from rosters at the discretion of the team captain. However, team captains do not have the power to remove players from their roster without first contacting the Intramural Office. A player can only be removed from an intramural team if that player has not signed in to any intramural games for that specific team.

In order to remove a player from a team roster, the team captain must contact the Intramural Office to verify that the inactive player has not signed into any intramural games for that specific team.  If the Intramural Office staff can verify that the player in question has not signed into any intramural games for that specific team, the player will be removed from the team’s roster and they will remain eligible to play for another team within the same league classification should they want to.

Players who have already signed in for an intramural game with a specific team cannot be removed from that team’s roster.  The intramural program has the final say when it comes to removing players from rosters.

2.5 Online Captain’s Quiz

Prior to the beginning of each sport season, the captain of each team will be required to complete the captains’ quiz through the IMLeagues system. Captains will be prompted to complete this quiz at the start of registration on IMLeagues. The intramural program strongly recommends that captains complete this task immediately after signing up to avoid forgetting about it and being ineligible for playoffs as a consequence.

The Captain’s quiz is a mix of questions from general Intramural Policies from the Intramural Handbook and sport specific questions found on the IMLeagues website and Campus Rec Website. The knowledge required in these quizzes will allow you to function effectively as a captain and completion is required to become playoff eligible.

The captains’ quiz will be available in IMLeagues once the team has been created by the captain. Online quizzes must be completed prior to the end of regular season. In the event that a captain is unable to complete the quiz in this allotted time frame, that particular team will be ineligible for playoffs. ONE quiz must be completed PER team. In other words, if an individual is a captain for a Fraternity team, a Men’s team and a Co-Rec team, he must complete 3 captain’s quizzes, one for each individual team. The only person who can complete the captains’ quiz is the captain of the team.

In the event that a sport is a tournament only activity, failure to complete a captains’ quiz will prevent the team from receiving championship shirts should they win the tournament.

2.6 Fees, Withdrawing, and Refund Policy

Campus Recreation assesses the following charges for participation in Intramural activities. All entry fees are charged directly to the student account of the team captain outside of the IMLeagues system. Team captains should not pay through the IMLeagues checkout system. If your club or organization would like to sponsor your intramural team please contact the intramural office at intramurals@illinois.edu to determine the best method of payment for your team.

  • Leagues: $85
  • Leagues (shortened season): $65
  • Selected Tournaments and Events: $40-55
  • Individual/Dual Activities: $15 (per individual)

Withdrawing From a League for a Refund
In order to withdraw from a league/tournament/activity/event and receive an entry fee refund teams must notify the intramural program of their intent to withdraw before the refund deadline passes. All sport registrations open at 9:00am on a Monday and close at 11:59pm on the second Thursday. The refund deadline will be 12:00pm Friday after registration closes.

This policy is in place to ensure that the intramural program has ample time to refill time slots vacated by withdrawing teams.

Notification of Withdrawal
The only acceptable notification to withdraw is an email from the team captain to intramurals@illinois.edu detailing the team name and their intent to withdraw.

Withdrawing After the Refund Deadline
If an email to withdraw is received after the refund deadline for a particular sport, a team may still withdraw from the league, however they will not receive a refund for the league registration fee or any forfeit fees that they may have accumulated. Withdrawing after the refund deadline is strongly discouraged by the intramural program. Instead of withdrawing, the intramural program advises teams to find and recruit other players across campus to fill out their roster and participate in the league.

2.7 Schedules

Participants and team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules through the IMLeagues interface. Schedules will be posted no later than 5pm on the Friday preceding the first day of play. Participants can find their schedules on the IMLeagues system. Schedules are subject to change based on unforeseen circumstances; in the event that a scheduling change occurs that significantly alters a game time or location, intramural staff will make their best effort to contact captains via email and or phone. The on-site intramural staff may assist, upon request, with verification of a contest date or time, but do not assume responsibility for informing teams of their playing times.

When in doubt, the IMLeagues system is always the most accurate source of information for up-to-date game information.

Scheduling Abbreviations for Intramural Activity Sites and Locations

  • ARC – Activities and Recreation Center, located on Peabody Drive (Champaign)
  • CRCE – Campus Recreation Center East, located on E. Gregory Drive (Urbana)
  • ODC – Outdoor Center Fields, located at First Street & Stadium Drive (Champaign)
  • COMPLEX – Complex Fields, located on Florida Avenue & Lincoln Avenue (Urbana)
  • IA – Ice Arena, located on Armory Street & Fourth Street (Champaign)
  • HUF – Huff Hall, located on Fourth Street & Gregory Drive (Champaign)
2.8 Forfeits and Defaults


Forfeits can be assessed to teams for the following reasons:

  • Not having enough players present to start a game
  • Having one or more ineligible players participating in the game
  • Having one or more players participating in the game that have not properly signed in
  • Unacceptable sportsmanship/behavior that results in early game termination
  • At the discretion of the Assistant Director in situations where the team captain or any member of the team is at fault for a rule or policy violation

Forfeit Consequences

Teams who are assessed a forfeit will be charged a $50 forfeit fee. A team with one forfeit may continue to play regular season games but is ineligible to advance to the playoffs. Upon a second forfeit, teams will be removed from the league. Teams losing by forfeit will lose the contest by a score of 1-0 and a sportsmanship rating of a 0.0. Team captains are responsible for the forfeit fee which will be charged to their student account.

Forfeit Grace Period

Teams who are not present at their scheduled contest by game time or are unable to produce enough eligible players to field a team (according to the rules of the particular sport) will be assessed a forfeit aside from the following exception.

*Exception: A team may delay its right to win by forfeit and allow the other team a grace period of ten minutes to acquire a properly equipped team. Once a ten minute grace period is granted by the team who is ready, they may not rescind their decision and take a forfeit before the ten minute period passes. If ten minutes passes after the scheduled game time, and the minimum number of eligible players required to play for the opposing team has not arrived, then the team that is ready to play must accept the forfeit. If the forfeiting team is able to obtain the minimum number of properly equipped players before the ten minute grace period expires, the game shall be started. The time lost shall not be made up and starting up play will follow the rules outlined in each individual sport.


Should a team know in advance that they cannot field a team on a given night; they may avoid forfeit fee and loss of playoff eligibility consequences by contacting the Intramural Office at 217-244-1344, or intramurals@illinois.edu to default their game. All defaults must be called or emailed in before 2:00 PM on the business day of the contest, or before 2:00 PM on the Friday before a Sunday contest.

If a team has one less than the minimum number of players required to start the contest a Default will be granted. There must the proper number of players before the Grace Period or at some point during the Grace Period for this Default to be granted.

Only defaults handled over the phone, in a voicemail message, or in an email sent to intramurals@illinois.edu before the default deadline will be considered valid. Please make sure to include your name (captain), team name, sport, and the day and time you are playing so that you game can be defaulted properly. Teams losing by default will lose the contest by the same scoring structure that is applied for forfeits. Teams losing by default will receive a sportsmanship rating of 4 (see Section 3.3 – Sportsmanship Ratings, for more information). Teams losing by default will remain eligible for playoffs.

2.9 Extra Game Policy

The extra game policy was designed to help teams play in more games when their opponent can no longer make the originally scheduled game time. This policy can only help those teams who choose to participate in extra games, provided their sportsmanship is still adequate during play.

How To Join

At the close of registration, captains will receive an email containing a link to submit availability for Extra Games. The more available your team is, the better the chance of gaining extra games becomes. Extra Games will be given to the available teams when we have a forfeit/default called into the office and have enough time to contact replacements. Once a team has received an extra game opportunity, they move to the bottom of the availability list so that we can offer the most opportunities to all teams in a given division.

How does the Extra Game Policy work?
A team has called in to Default/Forfeit their game with ample time to find a replacement

  • This team gets the loss for their original game, and we will attempt to find a replacement for their opponent
  • The original opponent and the additional team now has an extra change to gain an additional win by
  • participating in an extra game
  • The score and sportsmanship ratings for both teams will count as a regularly scheduled game
  • Once a team is selected for an extra game they are moved to the bottom of the list of eligible teams.

Participating in an extra game helps teams gain an opportunity to advance into Playoffs. Teams must win 3 games in a 5-week league or 2 games in a 3-week league. Losing an Extra Game will not hurt your changes to make playoffs.

2.10 Playoffs & Championships

Advancing to Playoffs
Intramural teams that meet the following criteria will advance to compete in the playoffs:

  • Team must have won 3 games or more (out of 4) during the regular season*
  • Team must have an average sportsmanship rating of at least a 3.0
  • Team must have completed the online captains quiz
  • Team must have NO regular season forfeits

*For shortened seasons such teams must win 2 or more games (out of 3) to meet playoff criteria.

Playoff criteria will only be adjusted in situations where facility or weather conditions limit play. It is the captain’s responsibility to check their playoff schedules which will be made available on IMLeagues as soon as possible after the regular season has concluded.

Playoff Seeding Procedures
Once the playoff field is set for a particular league, all admitted teams will be seeded according to winning percentage, head to head results, sportsmanship, and point differential at the end of the regular season. The IMLeagues ranking shown next to each team with a like record will take sportsmanship into account more than the final point differential by design.

Playoff Roster Policies
Team rosters remain open when a team advances into the playoffs. If a team runs into a situation where they will not have enough players for a playoff game, captains may ask the Assistant Director or the Graduate Assistant to add new players who have not played within the league previously. To do this, a captain must submit an email including the following items: why he or she needs to add these players, the names and UINs of the players to be added, the team name, and the captain’s name. Upon approval of the Assistant Director or Graduate Assistant, these players will be added to the team’s roster. All rules and consequences regarding eligibility apply for players added to the roster using this method. Those found trying to add ineligible players to their roster will automatically forfeit their game and forfeiture policies and fees will ensue.

Champion T-Shirts
Champion shirts are awarded to all intramural champion teams. After the championship game, the winning team must inform the Intramurals staff of its shirt sizes so that a bundle with the appropriate sizes can be made available in the office for pick-up. Captains will be informed when their shirts are ready to be picked up at the ARC Administrative Suite. Teams may receive the amount of shirts for each sport as follows: Basketball-8, Broomball-9, Flag Football-12, Outdoor Soccer-16, Indoor Soccer-9, Volleyball-9. For any sport not listed, teams will be awarded shirts equal to the number of players on the field/court plus half. For example a 4 player sport would receive 6 shirts. If teams wish to purchase additional shirts, they may do so at $10 per shirt. In order to purchase extra shirts, a team must submit payment to the intramural office within a week of when the championship was won in order to ensure that the extra shirts can be added to the order.

2.11 Inclement Weather

Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel intramural activities in the case of inclement weather. Information regarding cancelations will be relayed to captains via email from the intramural office staff. Unless teams have received an explicit cancellation message in regard to their sport via email, teams should assume that all intramural contests will play as scheduled.

Often times the weather will become worse during the course of the evening. Intramural staff who observe worsening or unsafe weather conditions have the right to stop game play, including ongoing games, in order to ensure the safety of all intramural participants.

In the event an intramural contest is postponed due to weather or facility problems, team captains are responsible for obtaining rescheduling information. If the first half of the game was complete at the time the contest was stopped, the game result will be considered official and be entered into IMLeagues as the final score. In the event that the first half was complete, but the contest was tied, an overtime period will be scheduled to determine a winner. If the first half of the game was not completed when the contest was stopped, the game will be rescheduled and started over from the beginning on the reschedule date. This policy applies to regular season games as well as playoff games. Rescheduling information will typically be posted online or sent out in an email within the next day.

2.12 Injuries and Blood Policy

Participation in intramural activities is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own health and safety.
The following is Campus Recreation’s policy for bleeding during intramural activities:

  • If an intramural participant is bleeding, they will be removed from the contest immediately.
  • If an intramural participant has blood on their clothing, they will be removed from the contest upon detection. The blood may or may not be their own blood. Even a participant who has someone else’s blood on their clothing will be removed from the contest. The participant is ineligible to re-enter the contest until the clothing with blood on it has been removed.
  • Before any participant re-enters the contest, all bleeding must be stopped and any open wound or laceration must be covered.
  • If clothing with blood on it cannot be replaced, that individual will not be allowed to participate.

The intramural program suggests that each player bring an extra pair of shorts and an extra t-shirt to every contest.

2.13 Equipment and Uniforms

The intramural program will provide all game balls. Said game balls will be used for all games unless both teams can agree to use a different ball. For Flag Football, teams may elect to use their own regulation sized football when on offense. If a team uses their own ball on offense, they must also allow the opposing team to use that same football should the opposing team want to. Teams are responsible for providing any other equipment that should be of regulation size and weight (for example, softball bats should be labeled “Official Softball or have the ASA approved sticker.) Guidelines regarding such equipment can be found in each sport’s specific rules.

Jersey Policy
Participants are required to wear their own team shirts during all Intramural contests. For Flag Football, Soccer, Broomball, and Basketball games teams must have a set of home jerseys and a set of away jerseys. All home jerseys MUST BE WHITE. Away jerseys must be any color other than white and each member of your team must be wearing the SAME SHADE OF A SPECIFIC COLOR. This is necessary to ensure that our staff can easily identify team members based on jersey color. Please refer to IMLeagues to see if you are listed as the home team or the away team. Failure to abide by the jersey policy may result in a forfeit, or technical foul/unsportsmanlike conduct penalty being assessed against your team at the beginning of the contest. Intramural Staff on duty will have the final say whether a team has acceptable jerseys to begin a contest. Jerseys will not be available for checkout at Intramural games.

Basketball Number Policy
In Basketball, all jerseys must be numbered using the digits 0-5 to comply with the National Federation High School basketball rulebook. This means that teams may use any of the following numbers: 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, and 00. Teams may not assign both a “0” and a “00” to different players. Players who do not have a legal number will not be allowed to play. Players who enter the game with an illegal number will be assessed a technical foul and must leave the game until they get a legal number. Numbers must be readable, for example no black marker on navy blue shirts. Numbers may not be taped onto jerseys, and may not be written or indicated on players’ arms, legs, or other body parts. Intramural staff are not responsible for supplying markers for teams who do not have numbers on their jerseys. If teams do not have the proper uniforms, they will be charged with a FORFEIT, with all consequences of forfeits applying. Players with numbers that are difficult to read as deemed by game officials may be assessed a technical foul at the start of the game.

Jewelry Policy
In order to ensure the safety of all our participants, jewelry is not allowed during any Intramural contest. Jewelry must be removed and may not be taped over. Failure to remove jewelry will result in a yellow card, illegal equipment penalty or a technical foul assessed to the player in violation of the jewelry policy. The player will not be allowed to participate until the jewelry has been removed.

  • Participants are permitted to wear medical alert bracelets as long as such medical alert bracelets are taped down while maintaining visibility of pertinent information. Intramural staff will NOT supply materials such as tape or band-aids to tape down medical alert bracelets.
  • Participants needing to wear religious jewelry or headgear must follow approval procedure below BEFORE participating in an Intramural Event.
    • A meeting must be set-up with the Assistant Director of Intramural Activities or the Graduate Assistant of Intramural Activities at least 3 business days prior to your first game, to discuss the safest way to secure the religious jewelry/headgear to the body
      • This may mean that one has to purchase a sweatband, athletic tape, or other means of securing the jewelry/headgear to the body
    • Once the Assistant Director of Intramural Activities or the Graduate Assistant of Intramural Activities has given approval, you will be added to a list of players approved to wear religious jewelry/headgear as outlined in the meeting with the Assistant Director or the Graduate Assistant. An email notice will be sent out to the team captain, participant, and intramural staff about the proper procedure for wearing the approved religious jewelry or headgear. The participant will be approved the duration of the league/sport season as outlined in the email.
    • After receiving the initial approval, if the participant wishes to participate in other activities they must contact the Intramural Office via email of any further team participation to ensure safe participation in future sports.
2.14 Free Agency

The intramural program staff does not place individuals on a specific team; however we do provide participants with the Free Agency Process through IMLeagues. The Free Agency Process is designed to aid those interested in participating in a particular sport that are lacking a partner or team with which to play. Teams that are searching for additional interested players to complete their team can also utilize this process.

In the event there are enough Free Agents to form a full team, Intramural Activities will work with those individuals to attempt to find a like time for the team to join. Team fees will be distributed between all players who have signed up for the Free Agent Team. For any questions about this process please contact the Intramural Office at intramurals@illinois.edu.

The Free Agency Process will be conducted through IMLeagues. The intramural program will not provide further contact information for free agents or captains other than the information that is listed on IMLeagues. Individuals who wish to participate in the Free Agency Process are encouraged to submit their name in IMLeagues as a free agent. Captains have access to browse the free agent pool and it will be up to that captain to pursue any free agents he/she desires. Captains, please note that contacting a free agent does not guarantee that they will be added to your team. Free agents have the liberty to sign on to any team that they desire or no team at all. For this reason the intramural program cautions captains to not rely on the free agent process to fulfill the minimum requirement of players for your team. Captains are responsible for the eligibility of players acquired from the Free Agency Process.

2.15 Greek Cup

The Greek Cup Trophy will be awarded to the the Fraternity and Sorority Houses that accumulate the highest point total by the end of the academic year. Teams or individual(s) representing each Greek organizations will score points according to the scoring system detailed below. At the end of the year, points earned from each sport will be added together for a final total.

Greek Cup Trophy
The winner of the Fraternity Greek Cup or the Sorority Greek Cup will have their organizations name and the year inscribed upon the Greek Cup Trophy. The Fraternity Greek Cup and the Sorority Greek Cup will both be displayed at the ARC.

Greek Cup Standings
Overall Standings for the Fraternity Greek Cup and Sorority Greek Cup will be posted on a weekly basis on the Campus Recreation intramural sports website.

Greek Cup Team Registration
Greek organizations are limited to signing up ONE team per sport. If your organization wishes to have more than one team, please register only one in the Greek Cup division and the rest under a respective men’s, women’s or co-rec division.

Greek Cup Eligibility
In Order to be eligible to participate in the Fraternity or Sorority Greek Cup Leagues, organizations must be a member of the:

  • Black Greek Council (BGC)
  • InterFraternity Council (IFC)
  • Pan-Hellenic Council (PHC)
  • United Greek Council (UGC)

Additionally, organizations must be recognized and in good standing with the University of Illinois Fraternity and Sorority Affairs office.

Greek Cup Competition time slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis as with all other intramural time slots.

All team members listed on the roster of a Greek Cup team MUST be active members or pledges of the Greek organization that they are playing for. If a team believes a player on a team roster is not an active member or pledge of that Greek Organization, Intramural Activities will collaborate with the Office of the Dean of Students to verify the active membership of the listed on team rosters.

If a Greek Cup team is found to have a participant on their team roster who is NOT an active member of that particular Greek Organization, said organization will forfeit any points earned towards the Greek Cup and be barred from Greek Cup competition for the remainder of the academic year.

Pointed Sports for the Academic Year
Any sport league or tournament offering a Sorority Greek Cup or Fraternity Greek Cup league will be awarded points. Please see the following chart for the point breakdown.

 Point Breakdown

Match Points
(game wins)
Bonus Points
(no forfeits/defaults)
Sportsmanship Rating
(overall for season)
Championship Points
(division winners/runner-ups)
10pts per win25pts per team, awarded once per sport4.00 Point Rating = 150pts
3.00-3.99 Point Rating = 75pts
Below a 3.00 = 0pts
Champion = 200pts
Runner-up = 100pts

Co-Rec Divisions
In the event that a Co-Rec Fraternity and Sorority Greek Cup division is offered, both organizations will be awarded the full amount of points earned. When registering, please clearly name the team with both Greek organizations following the naming restrictions listed in the next section.

Greek Cup Team Names
When registering for a Greek Cup time slot, captains must make the team name so that the affiliated organization is clearly discernible.  Any of the following team names would be acceptable for identifying a Greek organization:

  1. Spelling out the Greek organization’s name
    (Examples: Chi Omega, Sigma Delta Tau, Acacia, Theta Xi, Triangle, Farm House, 4-H House)
  2. Using an English equivalent of the Greek Organization’s letters
    (Examples: AGD, DZ, AXO, OD, ZBT, ATO)
  3. Spelling out the Greek Organization’s widely recognized nickname
    (Examples: Tri Delts, Sig Eps, Sammy’s, Aggers, Pikes, IlliDell)
  4. In the event of a Co-Rec Greek Cup division, please display both Greek organization names (Examples: AGD and DU, Tri Delts/Pikes)

When in doubt if the name is easily discernible, please contact intramurals@illinois.edu or simply spell the organization name out as shown in Item #1.

Section 3 – Intramural Contest Sportsmanship Policies

3.1 Conduct Rules

No player, coach, spectator, or team follower shall:

  • Use foul or derogatory language, threaten, or verbally abuse any other participant or intramural employee before, during, or after the game. This includes trash talk.
  • Participate in a game for which they are ineligible.
  • Argue or talk back to the game official.
  • Intentionally strike, push, or trip another person. Fighting is prohibited.
  • Mistreat the facility, equipment, or supplies of the University of Illinois.
  • Any act of unwarranted rough play or violence during a game.

Violation of any conduct rule will result in disciplinary action including but not limited to intramural sanctioning of individuals and/or entire organizations, and Campus Recreation membership suspensions.

The intramural activities program adheres to the University’s discrimination policy which can be found at the following link: http://diversity.illinois.edu/discrimination.html.  Violations of the discrimination policy in an intramural context or setting will be treated as conduct violations and are subject to further discipline at the University level.

3.2 Ejections

Incidents may occur that result in players and spectators being ejected from intramural contests. Violation of any conduct rule in section 3.1 is grounds for an ejection. In addition, any player who earns two formal unsportsmanlike calls from game officials (2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in flag football, 2 yellow cards/1 red card in soccer, 2 technical fouls in basketball, etc.) will be ejected immediately. Ejected individuals are required to cooperate with the intramural staff and provide the information needed on the unsportsmanlike conduct form. If a player refuses to cooperate and provide his/her information, the intramural staff has the authority to levy penalties against the entire team including but not limited to: docking the team’s sportsmanship rating, forfeiting a game and assessing a forfeit fee, and or sanctioning an entire team from intramural play. Once the ejection/misconduct form has been completed, the ejected player must leave the confines of the playing area and may NOT spectate the remainder of the game. In severe ejection situations, the ejected player may be asked to leave the facility.

3.3 Suspensions

All player and spectator ejections will be accompanied by an intramural suspension from all intramural activities.  All suspensions take effect immediately when the player is ejected, meaning that a player cannot participate in any future intramural activity (including games on the same night of the ejection) until the suspension is served.  All ejected individuals will receive an email from the intramural department within 48 hours of the ejection to schedule a suspension meeting with the Assistant Director of Intramurals and/or the Graduate Assistant.  The length of suspensions will be determined by the Intramural Assistant Director and Graduate Assistant after reviewing the conduct report from the player’s ejection and the suspension meeting.  Repeat offenders will likely serve longer suspensions.

Team Suspensions
The Intramural Professional Staff can make individuals, teams, and organizations as ineligible. A team being suspended or placed on probation means that each team member on the roster is also suspended or placed on probation. Ineligible organizations include all teams that play under that organization’s name. Repeated violations by an organization may lead to organization sanctions.

Other Consequences
The Intramural Professional Staff also have the authority to levy any of the following consequences in addition to an individual and or team suspension; access denial to any Campus Recreation facility, the assessment of forfeit fee charges, and in severe cases, lifetime expulsion and/or University Judicial Board Review.

Minimum Suspension Guidelines
The following guidelines provide a framework for the minimum suspension length players will receive for different types of offenses. Please understand that these are guidelines and the Assistant Director and the Graduate Assistant have the authority to deviate from and/or add to these guidelines as necessary when determining suspension length. Participation in any further intramural activity during a suspension will be viewed as a blatant disregard of Campus Recreation policies and will lengthen the suspension of the offending participant.

 Minimum Suspension Guidelines

Offense TypeExampleMinimum Suspension Length
Rule Infraction●Tying a flag football belt   ●Legal Slide tackles in indoor soccer 1 Game
Flagrant, Malicious, and/or Dangerous Gam Play● An unnecessarily hard foul in basketball   ● Tackling an opponent in Flag Football 2 Games
Verbal Abuse of Intramural Staff and/or Opponents● Cussing at Officials   ●Name calling directed at opponents Remainder of Semester
I-card Misuse● Using another person’s I-card to sign-in and play   ● Allowing somebody else to use your I-card to sign-in and play Remainder of Semester
Fighting● Any non-game related physical contact which includes but is not limited to: striking, pushing, slapping, punching, elbowing, and kicking1 Year
Verbal Abuse of Intramural Staff and/or Opponents by a Participant who is also an Intramural Employee● Cussing at officials/coworkers   ● Name calling directed at
1 Year
3.4 Appeals

Participants may appeal a suspension and/or suspension length by submitting a written statement that includes the intent to appeal and a description of the events that took place before, during and after the ejection. The written statement must be emailed directly to the intramural program at intramurals@illinois.edu or dropped off at the intramural office in the ARC Administrative Suites. All written statements for appeal must be received within 48 hours of the suspension email being sent out.

Once the intramural department has received a written statement of appeal, the Professional Staff will review the written statement and reevaluate the suspension length and any other consequences involved. In some situations, the Professional Staff may request an in-person meeting with the individual to further understand the situation. Following the review of the appeal, the Professional Staff has the authority to lift the suspension completely, adhere to the original ruling, or make the consequence more severe such as; adding more games to the suspension, access denial to any Campus Recreation facility, the assessment of forfeit fee charges, and in severe cases, lifetime expulsion and/or University Judicial Board Review. All appeal rulings made by the Professional Staff will be final.

Suspended players who are appealing their suspension will remain ineligible and will not be permitted to participate in any intramural activity while the appeal is being processed. Participation in any further intramural activity during a suspension that is being appealed will be viewed as a blatant disregard of Campus Recreation policies and will lengthen the suspension of the offending participant and cause the appeal to automatically be dropped.

3.5 Sportsmanship Ratings

Sportsmanship is defined as fair conduct, including; observance of the rules of fair play, respect for others, humility in winning and graciousness in losing. The Intramural Activities Program expects all participants to respect and abide by all rules and policies, show respect and concern for their opponents and intramural staff, and refrain from abusive language, poor attitude, and manipulation of the rules to further their chance of winning. Upholding high standards of integrity and fair play is of the utmost importance to the Intramural Activities Program.

Sportsmanship ratings are given to teams after each contest by intramural sports leads, supervisors, and game officials. These ratings reflect behavior before, during, and after the contest. The decision reached will be final. Ratings will be given on the following scale:

  • 4. Team shows excellent sportsmanship and go out of their way to keep the game safe and fun. Captains have control of their team and respectively discuss questions or concerns with officials. Team receives no unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
  • 3. Team shows good-to-average sportsmanship, or one (1) unsportsmanlike conduct penalty is assessed (yellow card, unsportsmanlike conduct foul, technical foul, etc.). Team argues with game officials and show minor dissent to intramural staff before, during, or after the contest.
  • 2. Team shows below average sportsmanship and displays dissent to game officials before, during or after the contest. Two (2) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties has been assessed during the contest either on two separate participants, or on a single participant resulting in an ejection.
  • 1. The intramural contest has been terminated due to three (3) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties being assessed to one team throughout the contest. The three penalties can be on all separate participants or on one participant receiving two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties (resulting in an ejection) and a separate participant receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  • 0. Team displays unacceptable conduct and sportsmanship. The intramural contest has ended due to any of the following conduct:
    • Any game forfeited for fighting or other abusive, violent behavior.
    • A team has been repeatedly warned about unnecessary roughness that jeopardizes the safety of participants.
    • A player or spectator clearly associated with a team shouts obscenities, gestures, or commits other threatening actions, which could endanger the safety of participants, officials, or Intramural staff and is not removed by their team.
    • A game where more than three (3) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties has been assessed to one team.

Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties are instances where a player’s actions are detrimental to the game, opponents, teammates, intramural staff, or spectators. All officiated sports have a form way of dealing with unsportsmanlike conduct via UC calls in flag football, yellow cards in soccer, technical fouls in basketball, yellow cards in volleyball, verbal warnings in softball/baseball, etc. For purposes of our sportsmanship ratings, we will not count administrative technical and rule technicalities against a team’s overall sportsmanship. For example, a LEGAL slide tackle in indoor soccer is a yellow card offense for the purposes of our league, but it will not be used in the determination of unsportsmanlike behavior during the game. Also, a player checking into a basketball game without having reported their number to the score table would receive an administrative technical, this would also not affect a team’s overall sportsmanship rating.

The rating information serves as a guide for team captains and participants. The Intramural Staff reserves the right to modify ratings based upon individual incidents and/or situations that may arise.

To qualify for playoffs team will be required to have a sportsmanship rating average of a 2.5 or higher in addition to receiving the required number of wins.

During playoffs, teams will be required to receive a sportsmanship rating of a 2.0 or higher to advance to the next round of playoffs. If a team wins their playoff game, but does not receive a 2.0 or higher, they will not advance to the next round. If a team in the championship game wins, but does not receive a 2.0 or higher, they will not be the intramural champion.

Any player ejected during a playoff game will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the playoffs.

Forfeits and Defaults
A team winning by default, will receive a 4.0 sportsmanship rating. A team losing by default will receive a sportsmanship rating of a 4.0.

A team winning by forfeit will receive a 4.0 sportsmanship rating. A team losing by forfeit will receive a 0.0 sportsmanship rating.

3.6 Spectator Policy

Spectators are welcome at all games and activities. However, team captains are responsible for their spectators’ behavior. Fans are expected to follow the sportsmanship guidelines listed in section 3.1. Team captains are responsible for educating their spectators on these guidelines. The intramural department strives to create a healthy atmosphere for all participants, officials, scorekeepers, supervisors, and spectators. We ask for the cooperation of spectators to help develop a positive atmosphere. It is the responsibility of each spectator to do everything possible to ensure that the game atmosphere is friendly and good natured. Spectators who are ejected from games will be treated the same as players that are ejected from games and will be held to the same suspension standards.

Should an offending spectator refuse to submit information to the intramural staff for an unsportsmanlike conduct form, the intramural department has the authority to hold teams responsible for their spectator’s inappropriate conduct. Such authority includes but is not limited to: docking a team’s sportsmanship rating, forfeiting a game, and or sanctioning an entire team from future intramural play. The intramural department strongly suggests that team captains maintain control of their spectators and, in cases of inappropriate spectator behavior, provide the offending spectator’s information for the unsportsmanlike conduct form to the intramural staff to avoid more serious penalties being levied against the entire team.

3.7 Protests

Protests are restricted to matters of rule interpretation and player eligibility. Protests concerning judgment calls by an official and protests of sportsmanship ratings will not be reviewed.

In the case of a rule interpretation, notification of a protest must be made to a game official at the time of the alleged infraction and prior to the next live ball. The official must hear the words, “I want to protest this rule” from the Team Captain wishing to protest before the next play begins. At this point, the game will be halted. The Intramural Supervisor will make a ruling on the protest. At this time, if a team’s captain still wants to protest the on-field decision, the captain will complete a protest form that will be sent to the Intramural office. Game officials will make note of the score, time and situation when the protest to the Intramural office was made on the Intramural Protest Form. The contest will be completed with the time remaining and the protest will be reviewed the next business day by the Intramural office staff to determine validity. For games in which an on-field decision from an Intramural Supervisor is overturned by the office, the game will be replayed from the point of the rule infraction Game results that accompany an upheld protest will stand.

Teams may also protest player eligibility. A team may protest no more than three participants for player eligibility on any given night. All eligibility protests must be made prior to the end of the contest. The Team Captain must complete a protest form with the names of the suspected individuals before leaving the game site. A protest of player eligibility will not be considered after both captains have signed the scorecard.

Please note that captains cannot protest eligibility or a rule interpretation once the gamesheet with the final score and sportsmanship rating has been signed. Captains and team members signing the gamesheet in lieu of a captain waive all rights to protest by signing the gamesheet. If a protest form has been filed, Captain’s and or designated team members should not sign the gamesheet.


If you have any questions regarding this handbook or any policies within the handbook, please feel to contact the intramural office information desk at (217)-244-1344 or intramurals@illinois.edu.