The Greek Cup Trophy will be awarded to the Fraternity and Sorority Houses that accumulate the highest point total by the end of the academic year.  Teams or individual(s) representing each Greek organizations will score points according to the scoring system detailed below.  At the end of the year, points earned from each sport will be added together for a final total.

2017-2018 FGC Champion: Sigma Phi Epsilon 

2017-2018 SGC Champion : Alpha Xi Delta

2016-2017 FGC Champion: Sigma Phi Epsilon 

2016-2017 SGC Champion : Tri Delt

Greek Cup Trophy

The winner of the Fraternity Greek Cup or the Sorority Greek Cup will have their organization’s name and the year inscribed upon the Greek Cup Trophy. The Fraternity Greek Cup and the Sorority Greek Cup will both be displayed at the ARC.

Greek Cup Standings

Greek Cup Team Registration

Greek organizations are limited to signing up ONE team per sport. If your organization wishes to have more than one team, please register only one in the Greek Cup division and the rest under a respective men’s, women’s, or co-rec division.

Greek Cup Eligibility

In Order to be eligible to participate in the Fraternity or Sorority Greek Cup Leagues, organizations must be a member of the

  • Black Greek Council (BGC)
  • InterFraternity Council  (IFC)
  • Pan-Hellenic Council (PHC)
  • United Greek Council (UGC)

Additionally, organizations must be recognized and in good standing with the University of Illinois Fraternity and Sorority Affairs office.

Greek Cup Competition time slots are allocated on a first come, first serve basis as with all other intramural time slots.  Intramural Activities will not open additional time slots once all Greek Cup slots are filled for a particular sport.

Pointed Sports for the Academic Year

Any sport league or tournament offering a Sorority Greek Cup or Fraternity Greek Cup league will be awarded points. Please see the following chart for the point breakdown.

Point Breakdown

Match Points (game wins) Sportsmanship Rating (overall for season) Championship Points (division winners/runner-ups)
10pts per win 4.00 Point Rating = 100pts

3.00-3.99 Point Rating = 75pts

Below a 3.00 = 0pts

Champion = 200pts

Runner-up = 100pts

Co-Rec Divisions

In the event that a Co-Rec Fraternity and Sorority Greek Cup division is offered, both organizations will be awarded the full amount of points earned. When registering, please clearly name the team with both Greek organizations following the naming restrictions listed in the next section.

Greek Cup Team Names

When registering for a Greek Cup time slot, captains must make the team name so that the affiliated organization is clearly discernible.  Any of the following team names would be acceptable for identifying a Greek organization:

  • Spelling out the Greek organization’s name
    (Examples: Chi Omega, Sigma Delta Tau, Acacia, Theta Xi, Triangle, Farm House, 4-H House)
  • Using an English equivalent  of the Greek Organization’s letters
    (Examples: AGD, DZ, AXO, OD, ZBT, ATO)
  • Spelling out the Greek Organization’s widely recognized nickname
    (Examples: Tri Delts, Sig Eps, Sammy’s, Aggers, Pikes, IlliDell)
  • In the event of a Co-Rec Greek Cup division, please display both Greek organization names (Examples: AGD and DU, Tri Delts/Pikes)

When in doubt if the name is easily discernible, please contact or simply spell the organization name out as shown in the first bullet point.


All team members listed on the roster of a Greek Cup team MUST be active members or pledges of the Greek organization that they are playing for.  If a team believes a player on a team roster is not an active member or pledge of that Greek Organization, they may submit a protest for that player’s eligibility with intramural staff. Intramural Activities will collaborate with the Office of the Dean of Students to verify the active membership of the listed on team rosters.

If a Greek Cup team is found to have a participant on their team roster who is NOT an active member or pledge of that particular Greek Organization, said organization will forfeit any points earned towards the Greek Cup

IM Leagues Greek Organization Page

Greek organizations should email identifying athletic chairs or captains of the team. The Intramural Activities office will then make the athletics chair the administrator for their organizations’ group page on IM Leagues.

The Head, or Chair, must affiliate teams with the fraternity or sorority group by going towards the bottom of the Organization page and clicking on the “Associate Teams” tab.  This will bring up the teams the Head is already a part of and they can pull them under the umbrella of the group by clicking “Associate”.

NOTE: Greek Organizations should only Associate the teams on their group page that they wish to be eligible for the Greek Cup. Intramural Activities will only count 1 FGC / SGC team per sport towards the organizations point total.