How do I register a team?

All registration will take place online using IMLeagues. Within the given registration dates, students can access this system from the Intramurals webpage and create a team. Detailed instructions for using the online system can be found on the how to register page and registration dates can be found on IMLeagues.com/Illinois.

How do I pay?

All payments for Intramural registration fees will be charged directly to the student account of the team captain. Team captains do not need to use the IMLeagues system.  Team captains that are not students/faculty or staff will have to pay by check for the league.

If I do not have a team to play on, can I sign up for a sport individually?

You can sign up as a free agent for a specific sport, and we will help you find a team to play on. You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you would like.

Where do I report when I get to the Intramural site?

Participants should locate the staff table at the contest site and sign-in on their designated gamesheet. All participants must present their I-Cards at the time of sign in. It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure that all of their players are current members with Valid I-Cards. All captains must also sign each gamesheet at the end of every contest.

How long is registration?

Online registration will be open for three consecutive days, according to the dates listed for each activity on the Intramural calendar webpage. The system should be accessible at any time within the 72-hour registration window. Typically, it should take no longer than 15-20 minutes to register a team.

What happens if my team is scheduled for a day and time we can’t play?

During online registration, you will select the day and time that your team will play each week. In the event that your selected time slot does not fill to a 4 or 5 team division, we will offer your team the chance to move into a different division to ensure that you get a chance to play.

What do you win?

The infamous Championship t-shirts are awarded to all Intramural champions. ILLINI Intramural Championship Teams will be featured on the Illinois Campus Recreation Facebook page  Intramural Champions Album. 

Where, when, and how much does it cost to sign up?

Sign-up fees vary from sport to sport. In general, intramural fees are as follows

  • $85 per team for league play and
  • $65 per team for shortened leagues play.
  • $55 per team for tournament play
  • $15 for an individual/dual league per person
  • Sign-up times and fees are also listed on the Intramural calendar.

How do I find out when my team is playing?

Schedules are posted on IMLeagues.com. Participants and team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules and all information contained therein. Regular season schedules will be available Friday at 5 pm before the first day of play.

How many teams can a participant play on?

Individuals may play on one single gender team and one co-rec team per Intramural league. Current league classifications for Intramurals are: co-rec, fraternity Greek Cup, men’s, sorority Greek Cup, and women’s. This means that a men may play on a co-rec team and a fraternity team or a men’s team for any particular sport. Likewise, a female may play on a co-rec team and a women’s or sorority Greek Cup team for any particular sport. Please note that Greek Cup Leagues require all players to be members of the fraternity or sorority they represent.

What happens if a team cannot play on any given night?

A team may avoid a forfeit fee by contacting the Intramural Sports office at (217) 244-1344 and defaulting their game no later than 2 pm on the business day of the contest. All weekend defaults must be called in before 2 pm on Friday. Teams that do not appear at their scheduled contest or are unable to produce enough players to field a team according to the rules of the particular sport will be assessed a forfeit and forfeit fee. The forfeit fee during league play and tournament play is $50. Forfeit fees will be assessed via the team captain’s student account.

Can teams play additional games outside of the ones they are scheduled for the regular season?

Teams that sign up for Intramural Leagues are eligible to sign up for Extra Games for free. When teams register for a league they will be emailed an availability form to sign up for times they will be available to fill in to play a game. If a  team defaults (informs the IM office they can not play before 2pm), teams on the extra games list may be contacted to fill in.