The Ice Arena will be CLOSED through Spring 2021

Freestyle sessions are available for experienced skaters of all ages.

Individuals can skate with or without a coach and “walk on” at any of the various times offered. Multi-session pass discounts are available. A list of qualified, private coaches is available at the Ice Arena.

Get the Freestyle Brochure (pdf).


Please Note: Other times will be added and exceptions may apply. See the online calendar for complete freestyle schedule. Get on our listserv by contacting

Session Types and Fees

Freestyle (Basic 6/Adult 4 and above)

  • Skaters: $7 members; $10 non-members
    • 10 Sessions: $60 members; $90 non-members
    • 20 Sessions: $100 members; $150 non-members
  • Coaches: $5
    • 10 Sessions: $45

Ice Dance

  • Skaters: $7 members; $10 non-members
  • Coaches: $5

Fees must be paid by coaches and skaters before taking the ice.

Freestyle and Private Coaching Rules

General Rules

  1. The Golden Rule is always in effect!
  2. No food or drinks (except water) allowed on the ice.
  3. Sitting on the boards is not allowed.

Skater Rules

  1. Freestyle sessions are for Figure skaters that have passed Basic 6/Adult 4 and above.
  2. Each skater must sign in and pay the freestyle fee before each session. Colored bracelets must be worn to indicate that you have paid.
  3. Higher level skaters must watch out for lower level skaters.
  4. If a person is skating their program, they receive the first priority over the ice surface.
  5. If a person is in a lesson they receive second priority over the ice surface.
  6. There may be a program monitor for crowded sessions to play music. Once the music starts, you must finish your program (no stopping and restarting).
  7. If there is need for a program monitor, each person’s name will be announced before the program is played. Please watch out for the person skating their program. If you don’t know whose tape/CD is being played, ask the Program Monitor.
  8. Good manners towards other skaters and coaches is an expectation. Learn-to-Skate coordinators and Customer Service Assistants may ask someone to leave the ice if their behavior is inappropriate.

Private Coaching Rules

  1. All private coaches must submit coaching insurance to the ice arena before they will be allowed to teach private students at the University of Illinois.
  2. All coaches must sign the University of Illinois Coaching Ethics and Tenants of Professionalism (modeled after PSA) before they will be allowed to teach private students at the University of Illinois.
  3. Each coach must sign in and pay the coaching fee before each session.
  4. Private lessons may only be taught on designated Freestyle sessions.
  5. Coaches can request that a program be played (ahead of the line) once during each lesson.
  6. Private coaches should, to the best of their knowledge, charge a fair rate while taking into consideration their own qualifications. (See suggested pay rate sheet if you have questions).
  7. No group lessons during Freestyle sessions. (Groups are considered 2 or more people).

Be Safe and Have Fun!