Schedule a Healthy Cooking Class / Group Kitchen Rentals

A healthy-cooking class is a great way to gather friends, colleagues, committee members or really any size group! You can reserve the kitchen for your event and we will do the rest.

To schedule a Healthy Cooking Class fill out the Instructional Kitchen Reservation Request Form.

Are you looking for new ways to build your team or celebrate with your group? Do you have a special event or meeting you want to feature something a little different and fun? Try one of our Cooking Classes!

All of these cooking classes are hands-on for participants. The classes are 2 hours and are best for groups of 16 or less. Alternatively the classes can be shortened to 1 hour to meet your group’s needs. Everyone will taste each other’s recipes during the topic “teaching time.” Shorter 30 minute demonstrations are also available, but do not involve the hands-on portion.

Cooking Class Topics

Around the World

Take a tasty trip around the world! Join us for some fun filled cooking as we explore new recipes inspired by Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Greek cuisine.

Becoming Vegetarian

Are you investigating vegetarian options and not sure how to balance it all? Can you find quick, healthy and tasty vegetarian options without breaking your budget? Come taste some great options whether you are a “flexitarian” or an investigating vegan.

Breakfast for Dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast twice in one day? From muffins to egg sandwiches these recipes will keep you craving breakfast all day long!

Feeding Healthy Families

Stuck in a rut? Come learn great recipes that are quick and healthy for the whole family.

Healthy Baking Alternatives

Trying to cut down on sugar or bake a protein packed snack? These tasty treats will keep your mouth and your figure screaming for more.

Meals in Minutes

Finding time to cook can be a challenge, but with these deliciously speedy recipes you will be cooking up new favorites in no time!

Pinterest Picks

We know you have seen hundreds of delicious Pinterest recipes, so now is your chance to whip up a few. Join us as we cook our way through the Pinterest website and test out a few of the most popular items.


Presentation/Educational Topics

Back to the Basics

Need to brush up on your culinary skills? Join us for an interactive class that will help you perfect those knife skills and have you preparing daily meals like a pro.

Kitchen Overhaul 101

From overflowing pantries to unorganized refridgerators, come learn how to transform your kitchen into a healthful oasis that makes healthy eating a breeze instead of a bother.

A Roadmap to Wholesome Grocery Shopping

Ever find yourself aimlessly wandering through the grocery store? Well wander NO MORE! Join us as we teach you the best tips and tricks for making an efficient and nutritious trip to the grocery store.


We Can Come to You!

The Campus Recreation instructional kitchen is now offering programs that can be taught at your sorority, fraternity, residence hall, or building on the University of Illinois campus. Check out the list below for our exciting new programs!

5-Minute On-the-Go Snacks

On-the-go snacking can be difficult with a time restraint. We will make 5 different recipes that can be prepared in 5 minutes or less for convenient, healthy snacking.
Program length: 25-30 minutes

Late Night Hunger Cravings

Need new ways to eat healthy after a long night out? We will prepare easy recipes that will satisfy late night cravings without the extra calories.
Program length: 1 hour


Schedule a Healthy Cooking Class

To schedule a healthy cooking class fill out the Instructional Kitchen Party Reservation form


Youth Parties

Host your next party in the kitchen! Baking together is a great way to celebrate or just spend time with friends. This party combines food, fun, and wellness for all ages. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Visit Youth Party Packages for more details.

Personalized Group Healthy Cooking Classes

Student Group
  • $60 / single class
  • $90 / two classes
  • $110 / three classes
UI Campus Department
  • $80 / single class
  • $110 / two classes
  • $120 / three classes
Community Group
  • $95 / single class
  • $125 / two classes
  • $145 / three classes

Please Note: prices do not include space rental cost if we provide the space.

If you would like to request a space rental at Campus Recreation, please complete the Space Request Form (PDF)