Scuba Clinics

Learn how to scuba dive! Instruction includes details about gear and equipment, water entries, surface dives, use of mask, fins, and snorkel, the science of scuba diving, and in-the-pool training with tanks. This class is the initial instructional phase to acquire your PADI diving certification.

Fall 2017 Sessions


  • Members: $295
  • Non-members: $295

The following are dates for each clinic session. Clinics run each Monday and Wednesday from 5-7 pm for two weeks after the start date.

  • Session 1: Sept. 18-27
  • Session 2: Oct. 9-18
  • Session 3: Nov. 6-15

Please Note: A swim test is required by all participants. The swim test will be held the same week as the information meeting for each session.

The fee includes instruction, all necessary equipment, dive log book, and use of the pool for instruction.

There is also a $149 fee (plus $20 for proof of certification) for the PADI e-learning portion of the clinic. Unlimited access to the online instructional materials and information is available 24 hours a day for one year after registering.

Any questions about equipment needs, classroom materials, or the clinic content should be directed to the instructor by calling (217) 352-3118 or email Alex Gentler at

Registration Steps

  • Step 1: Sign-up for one of the scuba clinic information meetings listed below. Attendance at a scuba clinic information meeting is required for all participants enrolling in a scuba clinic prior to the start of a session.
  • Step 2: Officially register for a scuba clinic session by stopping by the adventure center in the ARC during the hours of 4-8 pm (Monday-Friday) and 3-7 pm (Saturday/Sunday).
  • Step 3: Register for the PADI eLearning portion of the clinic. Instructions will be provided by the course instructor.

Clinic Format

Phase 1: Instructional Phase (4 class meetings)
  • use and function of gear and equipment
  • myths and facts concerning the sport
  • scuba diving areas and locations
  • water entries and surface dives
  • use of mask, fins and snorkel
  • in-pool training with tanks
  • classroom — science of scuba
Phase 2: Final Certification

To acquire your diving card an outdoor open dive and testing are required. There is an additional cost of approximately $165 for final certification. This second phase will be arranged through the instructor upon completion of the basic requirements covered in phase one.

Scuba Clinics at the Dive Shop

Midwest Scuba Center
1006 W. Anthony Drive
(217) 352-3118
website link

Contact Alex Gentner for other programs available.

Dive shop clinics will run each Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6:30 pm for three weeks after each start.