Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

ARC Climbing Wall

The climbing wall is a 35.5-foot tall, state-of-the-art manufactured structure designed to challenge first-timers or seasoned climbers. Routes are changed regularly to maintain a high level of fun and challenge. You don’t need experience, equipment, or a belayer. The staff will outfit you with the necessary gear for a small fee and provide you with a belay.


Top Rope

Lead Climbing

Orientation Video

You will be required to watch the following orientation video and pass the climbing quiz before using the climbing facilities.

Hours and Location

The rental center and entrance to the climbing wall are located on the concourse level of the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) at 201 East Peabody Drive. Hours for all Campus Rec facilities can be found on the Hours of Operation page.


One Time Rental
Climbing Shoes$1
Climbing Harness$1
Shoes and Harness$2

Belay Tests

If you are already a confident belayer, you can take a drop-in belay test ($5) at the start of your reservation. A qualified belayer will be able to: 

  • Tie in a partner using a figure 8 follow-through knot and a double-fisherman’s stopper knot. 
  • Correctly set up an ATC or Grigri belay device. 
  • Verbalize and identify all safety checks for climber and belayer (harness double-backed, carabineers locked, ropes not crossed, etc.) 
  • Catch an announced and an unannounced fall. 
  • Demonstrate correct PBUS belay technique (Pull, Brake, Under, Slide) and lowering technique. 
    • Brake hand must be kept on the rope at all times 
  • Know the climbing commands used at the ARC, and when to use them. 
    • “On belay?” “Belay on” 
    • “Climbing!” “Climb on!” 
    • “Take!” “Take on” 
    • “Lower!” “Lowering!” 
    • “Slack!” 
    • “Rock” 

Patrons who want to learn to belay, who are unsure of any of the above requirements, or who want a refresher should register for our Top-Rope Belay Clinic. 

Climbing wall staff will administer the test and ensure that all certified individuals are safe, confident belayers. To take the test, ask a climbing wall staff member at the beginning of your reservation! You should bring a friend to act as your climber. Belay certified patrons will receive a belay tag to wear on their harness, which will expire at the end of the summer. 


We require all participants to sign a waiver when coming to the climbing wall for the first time and recommended that you download it, print it out, and complete it beforehand. This ensures you have as much time to climb as possible.

First-time participants should print and complete the following waivers to speed up your orientation. All endorsements must be renewed annually.