Bouldering Cave

Bouldering Cave

As an extension of the Adventure Rec programming, the Bouldering Cave serves as another climbing option for patrons to use the Kilter Board.

Kilter Board

The Bouldering Cave, located on the lower level of the ARC next to the Performance Pods, features a Kilter Board. This state of the art, adjustable climbing wall allows patrons connect with and challenge climbers across the world via the Kilter Board app. Once a specific climb is selected, the board will light up to indicate where to start and end the route. No climbing endorsements or equipment are required to climb on the Kilter Board, however you must bring your own climbing shoes or rent a pair from the Rental Center.

App Instructions

Allow the app to sync with your phone’s bluetooth.

  1. Download the Kilter Board app
  2. Create a username and password
  3. Add a wall
    1. Select “Kilter Board Original” for wall model
    2. Select “12 x 12 with kickboard” for wall size
    3. Select “Yes” for an adjustable board
    4. Select the current wall angle (found on the control panel)
    5. Select “Bolt Ons” and “Screw Ons” for the hod sets
    6. Name the wall (example: “ARC Kilter Board”)
  4. Select the wall you just created
  5. Select a route using the filters
  6. Sync with the board by pressing the light bulb icon

Color Key

  • Start hold light up in green
  • Hand/foot holds light up in blue
  • Foot only holds light up in yellow
  • Finish hold light up in pink

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