Weight Room Policies


For your safety, as well as others, we strongly recommend the following safe practices:

  • Use extreme caution when lifting weights to avoid potential injury to yourself or others.
  • Lift weights in a controlled manner refraining from slamming weight stacks.
  • Weight belts that may damage equipment must be removed or covered appropriately.

Free Weights and Functional Equipment

  • Always return equipment to its proper location and always re-rack your weights. All free weight equipment must be kept in the free weight area and should not travel to different levels of the facility.
  • Allow others to work in with you while doing multiple sets.
  • Weight clips are required on all barbell and curl bar exercises.
  • Do not drop dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, med balls, weight plates and other equipment the floor.
  • Throwing of medicine balls permitted in designated racquetball courts when available.
  • Do not leave weight plates and bars on the floor or leaned against the wall, mirror, or equipment. Patrons must remain at least one arm’s length away from mirrors.

Olympic Platforms

  • Compressed chalk is allowed on the lifting platforms. Loose chalk is prohibited. Clean up chalk residue using the brushes and rags provided.
  • When performing lifts on the platforms, the barbell and bumper plates must be returned to the ground in a controlled manner. Do not slam or drop your weights.
  • Weight plate collars must be used with all Olympic bars.
  • Olympic lifts that are performed above the head are not advised. Perform at your own risk.
  • Bumper plates must remain on the lifting platforms.
  • Spotters are strongly recommended while using free weights. Campus Recreation staff are not available to act as a spotter.