Swimming Pool, Spa, Water Slide, and Sauna

Health & Safety

  • All persons must take a cleansing shower before using the pool after a workout.
  • Individuals with skin infections, open lesions, or open cuts are not advised to use the pool.
  • Band-Aids and bandages are prohibited in pools.
  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose and similar behavior in the pool is prohibited.
  • No running or rough play is permitted in the pool, on the runways, on diving boards, on floats, on platforms, in dressing rooms, or in showers.
  • Hyperventilation or the holding of one’s breath underwater for an extended period of time can be extremely dangerous and therefore is prohibited.


  • A Campus Recreation lifeguard must be present before entering the water.
  • Lifeguards have the responsibility to enforce regulations and have the authority to remove anyone for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.
  • Proficient swimming ability is required in deep water areas. You may be asked by a lifeguard to show an ability to swim before using a pool or pool equipment.
  • No personal displays of affection in aquatics areas.
  • No diving in shallow areas and where marked ‘NO DIVING’.
  • Glass containers are prohibited. Water and sports drinks in sealed plastic containers are allowed. Food is not allowed in aquatics areas.
  • Lap swimmers may be required to circle swim when lane use exceeds two persons.
  • The Aquatic facilities may be closed or have restricted use due to competitive events, special events, or rentals.
  • Unauthorized use of facilities for instructing/coaching is prohibited, including swimming or diving instruction.
  • All state bathing codes apply to this facility.
  • Unauthorized use of video recording devices and photography is prohibited.


  • Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied and directly supervised in the pool area by a parent, guardian, or responsible adult (age 18 or over).
  • Children age 5 or under, or any non-swimmer who may also be wearing an approved flotation device must be directly supervised in the water by and parent, guardian, or responsible adult (age 18 or over) and within arm’s reach at all times.
  • Lifeguards have the discretion to require a parent, guardian, or responsible adult (age 18 or over) to be in the water with a child over 5 years old whom they judge a weak or non-swimmer.
  • All diaper aged children must wear plastic pants with tight fitting elastic at the legs and waist, or swim diapers.
  • Do not change diapers at poolside.


  • Spa has a capacity of 12 persons.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age to use the spa.
  • Use of the spa is limited to 15 minutes, which begins when any part of the body enters the water and/or the patron sits on the edge of the spa.
  • Exposure greater than fifteen (15) minutes may result in drowsiness, nausea, or fainting.
  • Allow at least a 15 minute cool down before reusing the spa.
  • Pregnant women, small children, or persons with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or low blood pressure should not enter the spa except under the advice of a physician.
  • No personal displays of affection.

Water Slide

Be advised that the water slide is an adventure activity and may expose the rider to possible physical injury. In deciding to participate, the rider assumes full responsibility of any injury sustained.

  • Patrons must be at least 36 inches tall and be able to swim the width of the pool in order to exit the catch pool area to use the slide.
  • Patrons are not allowed to wear flotation devices to ride the slide; they must be able to exit the slide flume and swim to the exit by themselves.
  • No objects which may cause injury are permitted.
  • Only one rider at a time.
  • Enter and exit the flume feet first; standing, stopping, or sliding down head first is prohibited.
  • No diving from the end of the flume.
  • All riders must keep hands inside the flume when riding down the slide and enter the catch pool area feet first.
  • Exit the catch pool immediately; individuals must exit the catch pool area before the next rider can be sent.
  • Elderly persons and persons with medical conditions should consult their physician before using the water slide.
  • Pregnant women will not be permitted on the water slide.
  • Parent, guardian, or responsible adult (age 18 or over) of children under the age of 18 are strongly encouraged to observe the activity prior to deciding whether to allow their child to participate.


  • Sauna capacity is 35.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age to use the sauna.
  • For safety, constrictive or excessive clothing should not be worn.
  • Exercising in the sauna is not allowed.
  • Minimal jewelry is advised. Metal objects may become hot and cause burns.
  • No shoes are allowed.
  • A time limit of 10-15 minutes is suggested.
  • Do not pour any liquids onto the sauna heater.
  • Do not place anything on the heater.
  • Glass containers are prohibited. Water and sports drinks in sealed plastic containers are allowed. Food is not allowed in aquatics areas
  • No personal displays of affection.