Photography and Videotaping Access Policies in Campus Rec Facilities

This includes all forms of cameras and all video recording devices.

Personal Access

Personal photography and videotaping are permitted in Campus Recreation facilities with the exception of restrooms and locker rooms. Personal photography and videotaping is defined as media of self, friends, and/or family obtained informally. Personal photography used for commercial purposes is not allowed.

Taking photos or video of individuals without their consent is prohibited and is cause for immediate removal from Campus Recreation facilities, possible suspension from Campus Recreation facilities and legal ramifications.

Academic Access

Academic photography and videotaping is permitted in Campus Recreation facilities only with prior authorization. Academic photography and videotaping is defined as media obtained and/or reproduced for academic purposes including class projects, University promotions, and information.

Media Access

Media access is allowed in most Campus Recreation facilities with prior authorization. Media access is defined as media obtained and/or reproduced for use by a media outlet. Proper usage includes published materials produced by the media outlet.

Commercial Access

Commercial Access is only allowed as permitted by the University of Illinois. As per University policy, photographers, videographers, and filmmakers must obtain written permission to reproduce any image of the University, including its name, recognizable landmarks, buildings, or other representation from the Associate Chancellor for Public Affairs, 304 Swanlund Administration Building, 333-5010. Please contact this office with questions regarding commercial access.

Architectural/Constructional Access

For Architectural and/or constructional access please contact Terry Elmore at (


Authorization Procedure

  • Contact Melissa Waller at in advance. State who you represent, what purpose you want to access facilities, and how information will be used.
  • If permission is granted and arrangements have been made, representatives must check in with Member Services upon arrival for ARC, CRCE, or Ice Arena. You will receive media passes to wear during your visit.