Outdoor Equipment Rental Policies

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(canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, life jackets, and paddles)

Camping Equipment Rental Policies

  • Individuals Only – No Groups. Anyone may rent equipment from the ARC Adventure Center. University of Illinois students and Campus Rec members must show the appropriate picture ID to rent equipment at the member rate. All other renters must have a driver’s license or a credit card and a picture ID and will pay the non-member rate. Payment is due at the time of the rental.
  • No Reservations can be made for camping equipment rental — equipment is rented only on a first-come-first served basis.
  • Items available for camping equipment rental include tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, coolers, mini-stoves, and cook kits.
  • Allow 15-20 minutes for checking out equipment. It is the responsibility of the renter to check rented equipment to be sure it is all there and in good condition. If something is missing or in need of repair, the Customer Service Assistant must be notified so it can be recorded before taking the equipment out. If for some reason the renter fails to inspect the equipment, they are still held responsible for damaged or missing equipment upon its return.
  • Each renter of equipment must sign a liability statement when checking out the equipment. The user agrees to pay for any damages or loss of equipment and also agrees not to hold the University, Campus Recreation and its employees, or the State of Illinois responsible for injuries, accidents, or other mishaps which may occur while using the equipment.
  • A limit of two of each type of equipment may be checked out per person.
  • Equipment must be returned on the due date at least 30 minutes before closing or late fines will be assessed. Returned equipment will be checked and inspected by the Customer Service Assistant when time permits. Fines for wet, dirty, lost or damaged equipment will also be assessed. Fines are steep in hope that equipment will be returned on time and in good condition. No equipment will be checked in after 20 minutes prior to closing time. It is the renter’s responsibility to check the hours of the Adventure Center.
  • Fines: The fee for the late return of equipment is $5 per day per item. Lost, damaged or wet/dirty fines are as follows: should equipment be lost or damaged beyond repair the renter will be charged the current replacement cost + 5%; fines will be assessed for damage to equipment at the cost of repair + 10%; the return of wet or dirty equipment fine will be $5-$20; the loss of equipment pieces and/or parts is the replacement cost + 5%. Fines not paid when equipment is returned will be charged to the renter’s student account, member account or credit card.

Adventure Rec Equipment Rental Policies

  • Adventure Rec equipment for rent includes canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, tandem bikes, life jackets, and paddles. Rental rates are listed at outdoor equipment rental.
  • All Adventure Rec equipment rentals are by appointment only. To make an appointment email adventurerecreation@mx.uillinois.edu. Make appointments ASAP, one week prior at least is desired as equipment and/or appointment times may not be available. No rentals on Saturday or Sunday. The equipment for the weekend is only rented from Friday to Monday. One day rentals can only be made depending on the arrangement of an appointment. Equipment must be picked up and returned at the back door of the ARC. Payment for rentals must be made by cash (exact change please), check, or credit card at the time of equipment pick-up. The renter must sign an Equipment Liability Release Agreement and is responsible for the security of the rented item(s). Fines will be charged accordingly for late, wet, dirty, damaged, and/or lost items/parts.