All patrons utilizing the Climbing Wall must adhere to the following policies:

  • Follow all directions of Adventure Recreation staff.
  • Participants must check-in at the Climbing Wall Desk prior to climbing. All first time visitors to the climbing wall must check-in with the Adventure Recreation staff to complete the appropriate waiver.
  • No personal gear may be used without signing the appropriate waiver at the Adventure Center.
  • Technical climbing shoes required.
  • No sharing rental gear.
  • No cell phone, PDA, MP3 player may be used while actively climbing or belaying.
  • When waiting to climb remain near the benches or outside the wall area if crowded.
  • No loose chalk. Chalk balls only. Minimize use of chalk.
  • Verbal commands and visual safety check before every climb are required.
  • Personal belongings are not permitted on the bouldering or climbing landing surface.
  • Use lockers to store valuables. All personal items brought into wall area must be stored inside cubbies.
  • Hands may not extend beyond first bolt line when bouldering. Use of a bouldering pad and a spotter is recommended at all times.
  • Do not pass under or over other climbers when bouldering.
  • Figure-eight follow-through is the only tie-in knot allowed.
  • Participants must pass a belay competency exam prior to being permitted to belay. Belayers must wear their appropriate belay tag at all times. Transfer of belay tags is prohibited.
  • You must pass the top-rope endorsement test to top-rope belay.
  • You must pass the lead endorsement test to lead-climb or lead-belay.
  • Palm down belay technique only. Brake hand always on rope.
  • Participants may not move or tighten hand holds. Please inform facility staff of any loose holds.
  • Do not walk or climb underneath other climbers or in front of belayers.
  • Inform staff and other climbers of any situation seen as unsafe or not in accordance with the safety policies. All climbers are asked to assist and encourage less experienced climbers. All accidents or equipment damage must be reported immediately.
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