Activity Court Policies


  • No outdoor soccer balls are permitted to be used in any indoor facility
  • Soccer is only allowed in the CRCE MAC and must utilize an indoor soccer ball, available for check out at Member Services

Basketball Courts

During open recreation hours, the system governing challenge for full court basketball play begins automatically when the basketball court becomes occupied by two teams of five participants present and ready for play (gym shoes on) who have made the challenge.

  • To challenge, a waiting individual must make it verbally known to the teams playing that the challenge has been issued. That person must remain courtside and ready to play when the ongoing game ends.
  • If less than five are waiting to play, members from the losing team or from another court’s losing team or those waiting, may play.
  • When the challenge system is in effect and a participating team’s number of players drops below five, the remaining members may continue to play to the end of the game with or without adding members to their team.

Full-Court vs. Half-Court Games

  • Full-court games take priority at all times, however, the ongoing half-court game must be allowed to finish.
  • Half-court games may be played when an open court is available.

Challenge Court Game Rules

  • Full court games are to be played to 11 baskets, win by 1 basket.
  • Half court games are to be played to 15 baskets, win by 2 baskets. Teams have the option to play on an alternating ball or make-it/take-it basis.

Additional information can be found on the court reservations page.