University Visitors

It is the policy of Campus Recreation to enable University departmental visitors to use recreational facilities during their stay. One of the factors that affect the policy is the length of the visit. The policies for such use are listed below.

  1. Visitors may purchase a Campus Recreation membership for that length of time by paying the appropriate fee provided their assignment with the University remains current during their membership. To do so, they must show a Visitor Card and letter from their department stating their length of appointment.
  2. Visitors for periods of a week or less are entitled to purchase only daily guest passes for the appropriate fee.
  3. Visitors for periods of more than one (1) week but less than eight (8) weeks may contact to arrange a prorated membership.
  4. The spouse of a visitor is afforded the same privileges as the visitor. When purchasing a pass, they should present his/her spouse’s Visitor Card and letter from the sponsoring department.
  5. Dependents of visitors may purchase passes only in accordance with the Children’s Pass Policy.

Illini Union Hotel and I-Hotel Guests

Guests may obtain a voucher from their hotel validating the dates of their stay. This voucher may be presented at Member Services, allowing the guest to obtain a guest pass to Campus Recreation facilities.

*Those presenting a voucher from the I-Hotel, will be required to pay for their guest pass.

Conference Attendees

Department, institute, or other campus-sponsored conferences may purchase guest passes on an individual basis, by either of the following methods:

  1. Departments may send a list of attendees (of a meeting/course they are sponsoring) to Member Services. The list will be posted in Member Services where visitors whose name appears on the list may purchase the daily pass upon showing a photo ID.
  2. Departments who wish to pay for their attendees’ recreation privileges may send a list of attendees to 
  3. Daily passes will be issued for each guest for the period specified by the department. The department then must forward a voucher for the total amount due for the passes at the time the passes are picked up.