Membership Fees

You can purchase a membership at the ARC or CRCE member services during facility hours. Just bring your i-card or appropriate materials — see policies and procedures. You can pay with cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), or use payroll deduction.


Students registered for 6 hours or more, regardless of in-person or online status, will be assessed the Student Service Fee which supports Campus Recreation programs. These students are automatically Campus Recreation members and may enter any Campus Recreation facility with their i-card. Those with fewer hours or who are exempt from the Student Service Fee can pay the service fee at the office of the University Bursar (100 Henry Administration Bldg) in order to become Campus Recreation members.

Please Note

  • Students can sponsor spouses semester-by-semester with memberships at the student spouse rate. Can sponsor one other individual semester-by-semester at the associate rate.
  • Students can sponsor an adult-dependent semester-by-semester with memberships at the faculty/staff rate. Can sponsor one other individual semester-by-semester at the associate rate.
  • Students are eligible to purchase memberships only during summer sessions if not enrolled in classes.

2022-23 Membership Fees

Faculty / Staff / RetireeFaculty / Staff / Retiree Family*Student FamilyAffiliateAlumni*Associate / Parkland Associate*
All Year
8/1/22 – 7/31/23
Fall Semester
8/1/22 – 12/31/22
Spring Semester
1/1/23 – 5/31/23
Summer Session
6/1/23 – 7/31/23
*Not eligible to sponsor additional members.

Pro-Rated Membership

After the first day of a membership period, membership prices are automatically pro-rated based upon purchase date, excluding Summer session memberships.

Membership Notes

  • ◊ Add a spouse or adult dependent for only $360.
  • BEST DEAL: Faculty and staff can use payroll deduction to secure an on-going membership (four-month minimum). Add a spouse or adult dependent for just $30/month.
  • Retirees: can use SURS deduction for an on-going membership at just $41/month.
  • Members in this category may sponsor one person as an associate member.