Faculty/Staff/Retiree Family

Spouse Memberships for Faculty and Staff

Spouses of faculty/staff are eligible to purchase a Campus Recreation membership regardless of whether the faculty/staff has purchased a Campus Recreation membership.

Spousal Requirements

To purchase the initial membership, both parties must be present. Faculty/Staff member must present their i-card in conjunction with spouses own state-issued identification and one of the following as proof of relationship:

  1. His/her driver’s license with matching last names
  2. Marriage certificate

NOTE: To RENEW a membership, a spouse need only present their completed membership agreement form with the Sponsor section filled out and their Visitor Card in conjunction with the i-card of the sponsoring faculty/staff person.

Spouse Privileges

The Campus Recreation membership purchased by the spouse affords that individual the following privileges:

  1. Access to all recreational sports facilities (see sport facilities listed for faculty/staff).
  2. Privilege of sponsoring up to two guests per day at the daily fee.
  3. Eligibility to participate in programs offered by Campus Recreation.
  4. Discounted rates for selected programs offered by Campus Recreation.

Spouse Membership for Students

Spouses of Illinois students are eligible to purchase a membership to Campus Rec facilities. The requirements and privileges for spouse of students match those of faculty/staff spouse. However, student spouses can ONLY purchase a membership by semester. Spouses who have a current affiliation with the University of Illinois are not eligible for the Spouse student rate. Students who are currently being assessed fees by the University are also not eligible for the Spouse Student rate.