Identification Card Requirements

It is required that University of Illinois students and all Campus Recreation members prove their membership by presenting a valid UIUC i-card to secure services at Campus Recreation facilities.

Campus Recreation is fully authorized to deny entrance to its facilities without possession of a valid UIUC i-card. Possession of an i-card does not guarantee valid membership with Campus Recreation. UIUC i-cards are property of the University. Misuse of ID’s to gain facility access is considered fraud. Campus Recreation staff will confiscate misused, expired, or invalid i-cards and may ask the person(s) to leave the facility. Misuse of i-cards may also result in loss of membership privileges.

Visitor Cards

Those persons eligible for Campus Recreation memberships but not issued i-cards will be issued a UIUC Visitor Card. Visitor Cards issued by Campus Recreation are only valid at Campus Recreation facilities provided membership is valid. Visitor Cards do not prove status with the University and thus do not provide the holder with use of the MTD or Library.

Entrance Without I-Card or Visitor Card

Members who forget their i-card or visitor card may ask for a UIN look-up by presenting a valid government issued photo ID at the Member Service desk. All users must present their original government issued photo ID. A screenshot or scanned copy is not acceptable. A UIN look-up can be used in lieu of an i-card twice a semester. Acceptable government-issued photo identification can be one of the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Permanent resident card