2 Students battling it out at Log Rolling Outdoor Pool ARC

Key Log Rolling is a low impact fitness activity with high rewards for all ages and sizes.  Stepping back and forth on a spinning Key Log improves balance, footwork, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance.  A true sport in itself, Key Log Rolling is also a fun way for athletes to cross train for other sports. The Key Log, a 65-pound synthetic log that is filled with water, floats, spins, and reacts just like a traditional cedar wood log.  There even are optional “trainers”, which is a device that is developed to slow and stabilize the Key Log, while limiting the speed at which the Key Log Spins. 

Click on this link for a video demonstrating Key Log Rolling.

Drop-In Hours: Sundays 1-3 pm while the Outdoor Pool is OPEN. (no fee or pre-registration required)

*NOTE: Log Rolling will move indoors to the Indoor Pool once the Outdoor Pool CLOSES for the season. Drop-In Hours will remain the same.