Tips for a Great Swim Lesson Experience

Please take time to read the following guidelines as you prepare for the first day of swim lessons. If you have any questions about registration, lessons, or general questions please feel free to reach out to our team at

Come dressed in all swim attire before entering the ARC or CRCE facilities to minimize locker room usage. Before lessons begin, your on-deck coordinator will introduce you to the facility and instructors prior to your lesson, giving you full instructions on where to go in the pool for each specific level.


CRCE Parking: Please note that the parking garage (F-29) across from the CRCE facility is free after 5pn on weekdays and all day on the weekends. You can also park at other unbagged metered parking spots along Dorner Drive, Peabody Drive, and in lots F-28 and F-6 for $1.00/hr.

ARC Parking: Parking can be found in lot E-24, which is directly adjacent to the ARC on the west side of the building. The parking lot can be accessed from both First Street and Peabody Drive. Other unbagged metered parking spots are available along Peabody Drive, Fourth Street, near the Krannert Art Museum, the Art & Design building, and the Law School building. Metered parking is assessed at a rate of $1.00/hr.

Parking enforcement is operational throughout the duration of all lessons. If you would like more information on this, please read the posted signage in garage F-29 and at the unbagged meters or go to our website's Parking tabCampus Recreation is not responsible for any parking violations distributed.

Checking Confirmation

If you need to check which level, time, and course you are signed up for, please log into the Active Illini Portal. After logging in, select your username in the top right corner, then select profile. Then, scroll to Programs and select registrations. In this tab, you will be able to find the exact offering that was registered earlier.

Be sure you are looking under the appropriate family member when retrieving program registration information. If you have any issue using the Active Illini app, please ensure that a proper date of birth is entered for each user under your Active Illini profile.

Helpful Tips

  • Please remember to bring a swimsuit and a towel, as these are essential.
  • Goggles are optional, but many participants feel more comfortable performing the underwater tasks with goggles, especially in the upper levels. Swim caps are also optional.
  • If you are a parent of a young child who is not yet toilet trained, they are required to wear a swim diaper underneath his/her swimwear. Regular diapers are susceptible to break and clog the pool filter. Rubber pants are also highly encouraged.
  • Please use the locker rooms after lessons, as changing on the deck is prohibited. We realize that this area is easily congested between lessons, so we offer the following options:
    • Children may be accompanied into the appropriate locker room by a parent or guardian of the same gender.
      • If this is not possible, we will allow children under the age of 5 to use the locker rooms of the opposite sex under parental supervision. We ask that this use is limited to the shower areas of the locker rooms nearest the pool. Afterwards, please use the same rear pool hallway to exit from the locker room.
    • We also have all-gender restrooms available for use at both facilities.
  • Please do not bring food onto the pool deck. At CRCE, you may utilize the tables and chairs in the lobby area by the pool windows when eating.
  • As a parent, you must remain on the pool deck during your child’s swim lesson. You may NOT work out or leave the pool area while your child is at lessons.
  • Feel free to talk to the instructors and the coordinators if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Collectively, we want to do our very best to ensure a satisfying swim lesson experience for everyone!
  • Please be respectful of our facility entrance procedures and allow our staff to identify you and verify your participation in the Learn to Swim program each time you enter our facilities.

For Those Enrolled in Preschool

On the first day of classes, we will assess all involved in Preschool and divide into separate classes based on skill. Please note that everyone within Preschool will be taught the same skills regardless of the group to which they are assigned.

Dividing the kids based on skills and comfort level allows our instructors to teach more effectively. We ask that all parents stand back away from the pool during our brief testing of the kids so as not to overwhelm the children. As lessons progress into the second week, the coordinators may continue to adjust the groups based on our instructor’s feedback.

For Those Enrolled in Adult Classes

Please refrain from using the pool before the indicated start time of your swim lesson. If the pool is open beyond the end time of your lesson and you would like to independently work on a set of skills from your lesson, you may do so as long as you do so in the open swim area and not disrupting any subsequent lessons taking place.