Facility Rental FAQ

Who can rent space from Campus Recreation?

There are options for students, University departments, and the community to use our many available spaces.

How much does space cost to rent?

We have three pricing levels: student organizations, University departments, and community.

Each area has an hourly rate as well as a daily rate. All equipment such as tables, chairs, podiums, etc. are individually priced. Rates can be found here:

Can Campus Recreation provide equipment?

Campus Recreation can provide a wide range of equipment for your space request. To ensure availability and access to equipment be sure to include what you need in your space request. The corresponding equipment will be provided if available.

When do I need to submit my request?

Whenever planning an event, early is always best. At least two weeks notice prior to the proposed event date is recommended due to the high demand and limited availability. That time also allows for any further communications needed to properly prepare for the event and make any necessary changes/adjustments to the rental agreement.

Can I rent space outside of regular facility hours?

It is possible to have space made available after normal operational hours and during University break periods. The cost for the space is the same; however there is an additional charge for staffing the facilities.

What areas can be rented?

Virtually every physical space for activities has an option for reservation. Limitations to areas have to do with its availability and impact on open recreation on dates requested.

Is there an option for weekly rentals (for meetings or other gatherings)?

Yes. We have options for regularly scheduled facility usage.

Where can I find/submit a request?

Request forms for UI departments and community organizations can be found on our  Facility Rental web page. Registered Student Organizations must complete the purchase request and event request process

What payment options are available?

The reservation contact will receive an invoice of charges after the event or reservation period. Payment will be transferred from university accounts for student organizations and university departments. Other individuals or community organizations may pay with check or credit card. Late fees will apply if payment is not received within 30 days of billing. A 25% nonrefundable deposit may be required for non university events.

Can I have my event catered?

Yes. We allow food in many areas. However, groups must enlist the catering services of one of the University’s approved vendors.

In addition, University Catering is an approved caterer. They can be contacted at (217) 333-0126. If the caterer may require a prep area, that area would also need to be reserved.

Is it possible to reserve multiple areas?

Yes. We will work with you to combine areas to best fit your needs.

Are specific room layouts/set ups required?

There is no specific set up that a room has to use. Tables, chairs and other equipment can be placed as you wish if space is permitting. All arrangements are agreed upon before the event date. We can devise a floor plan for you that would best suit your needs with your available space.

Do I have to set up for my event?

Any equipment/furniture that we rent out to you will be set up by our staff. Any items that you bring in you will be responsible for setting up. At the end of the event it is your responsibility to make arrangement to remove any items you brought with you and make sure that trash and garbage is disposed of properly. Our staff will take care of any equipment that was checked out to you.

What are your room capacities?

Room capacities vary depending on the activities and type of set up needed. View the ARC Room Capacities page.

What are your normal facility hours?

Facility hours vary depending on the academic schedule. View our Hours page page for more information.