Ice Arena Facility Rental Guidelines

Thank you for having your event with the University of Illinois Ice Arena. We hope you enjoy the facility and have a safe event.

Please take the time to read the following information regarding private rentals at the University of Illinois Ice Arena. Remember to bring your confirmation email or approved space request to your reserved ice time.


Ice Rink reservation process may take 1-2 weeks. Other requests are often being considered at the time you drop off your paper work. If none of the options you provided work out, management will contact you to determine another option. You are welcome to email Bill Zeman with any questions, changes to your request, etc.

University Registered Organizations

Events must first be approved by the RSO Office (Room 284 Illini Union) PRIOR to submitting the request to reserve this facility space. It is recommended you walk the paper work through.

Group Representative

The individual(s) listed on the space request will be responsible for all attendees of their event and should act as the representative in charge of the rental. If this individual will not be in attendance, another representative must be designated prior to ice time. Please communicate relevant Ice Arena policies to your group prior to the event. Feel free to direct any questions to management in advance or to the supervisor on duty during your rental.

Assumption of Risk

Ice sports are activities in which accidents and serious injuries may occur. All individuals in the group should be aware of this risk prior to taking the ice. It is recommended that all your guests have proper health insurance. It is also recommended that everyone wear a helmet while ice skating.

In the event of a potentially serious injury, Ice Arena Personnel will call 911 and paramedics will arrive in approximately five to ten minutes. These medical professionals will assess the situation and take the necessary action or inform the injured person of their options. Do not risk complicating the injury by moving the person or removing articles of clothing, including ice skates and helmet.

Minors without parent/legal guardian supervision who become or appear to be injured in our facility may be subject to mandatory treatment and/or transportation if deemed necessary by medical personnel. This information should be shared with the parents/legal guardians not planning to attend. A minor is considered anyone under the age of 18.

Groups not affiliated with the University of Illinois will need to review and sign an additional contract and provide proof of insurance.

Conduct of Rental Group

The rental agent is responsible for the conduct of everyone involved in the ice rental before, during and after the reservation. This includes activity on and off the ice. If a problem occurs you will be contacted by the Ice Arena staff member on duty and asked to assist or resolve the problem.

Lack of cooperation could result in security being called, the reservation canceled, and the facility cleared. No refunds will be given for such cancellations. This could also jeopardize future reservations. Rental groups are expected to clean the areas that they occupied off the ice (throw away garbage). All UI Student rental participants are required to show their i-card. Guests should provide another form of identification.

Please Note: Additional use of the UI Ice Arena beyond normal ice activities must be requested in writing at the time you submit the space request. This may include but is not limited to:

  • extra tables and chairs
  • admission charges
  • merchandise sales, raffles or any other fundraising
  • request of vendors at your events
  • videography
  • broadcast of games (even by your opponent)
  • wi-fi access
  • team and individual pictures
  • removal of plexi-glass
  • and more

Details will be required before the actual event and extra charges may be assigned. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in advance.

Rental Periods and Priority Groups

  • June 1-30
    Campus Recreation programs and Kinesiology classes are scheduled for the upcoming academic year.
  • July 1
    Regular Clubs* (identified by Campus Recreation as Priority Groups) begin to be scheduled for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • August 1
    Non-priority groups and individuals can now be scheduled for the Fall semester.
  • November 1
    Spring semester ice time may now be reserved for non-priority groups and individuals. Priority clubs will need to request/confirm spring semester ice by the end of October.

UI Club officers should meet with rink management prior to the end of the previous academic year. It is recommended that space requests get submitted to the RSO Office before leaving campus (event must be approved before the Ice Arena can be reserved).

Facility Rental Charges and Payment Procedures

Payment must be made in full prior to going onto the ice unless your organization has a charge account set up with the Ice Arena in advance**. Cash, checks made payable to the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, and credit cards are accepted.

** For Student Organizations and UI Departments paying through the UI Banner System – University departments/agencies, in good financial standing with the University, may make their payment using their FOAPAL Account. The account numbers must be submitted to Bill Zeman at least 24 hours in advance and before 3 pm, Friday for weekend rentals.

Facility Rental Fee

  • $100/hr – for UI students/Campus Rec members (*guests welcome at $8/each)
  • $155/hr – for UI departments and local schools
  • $250/hr – for public/non-member groups and individuals

All participants of the $90/hr rental must present a valid UI i-card or Campus Recreation facility pass prior to going onto the ice. University groups may also purchase three (3) guest passes at $8.00 each, per twenty-five student/member participants.

Please Note: The ice rental fee does not include the following:

  • broomball equipment ($25)
  • skates ($1/person or flat rate)
  • additional staff required for private skating parties (see below)

Private Party Fee Structure

A supervisor and zamboni driver typically are already scheduled to work each ice time. For skating parties, an additional charge will be levied in relation to the number of skaters in attendance. This fee will cover the expense of additional staff needed to assist with the event.

  • 20 skaters or less: $15/hr
    (1 additional employee required)
  • 21-30 skaters: $30/hr
    (2 additional employees)
  • 31-50 skaters: $45/hr
    (3 additional employees)
  • 51-75 skaters: $60/hr
    (4 additional employees)
  • 76-99 skaters: $75
    (5 additional employees)
  • 100+ skaters: $100
    (6-8 extra employees)

Parties are limited to a maximum of 200 unless prior approval has been given. Groups will be charged should the party exceed the number stated on the reservation. The Ice Arena Management must be notified at least 7 days prior to reservation to change attendance.

Center Ice Cafe should be open to serve a variety of refreshments. Special discount package for groups!

Fundraisers, Merchandise Sales and Non-Ice Related Activities

Fundraisers, merchandise sales and non-ice related activities require approval from Campus Recreation prior to the Facility Rental. Additional approval may be required from the Registered Organizations Office, Facility Planning and Management, Environmental Health and Safety, or the Office of the Chancellor. Details of these special events must be provided with the university facility space request. The University of Illinois reserves the right to not allow all vendors, to require vendor liability insurance, and to require a fee for the use of these premises. The use of all University premises and facilities is subject to all applicable state and federal laws and must be in accord with the policies of the Board of Trustees.

Cancellation and Refunds

The following policy will be in effect for confirmed facility space requests at the University of Illinois Ice Arena:

  • Events cancelled at least two weeks in advance will incur only a $20 administrative fee.
  • Those events cancelled less than two weeks in advance will incur 50% of all rental charges.
  • Cancellations 2 days or less and rental groups that do not show for a confirmed event will incur 100% of rental costs.

Organizations and/or representatives of the group renting out the ice will be invoiced directly. University of Illinois students may be charged through their university account.

All cancellations must be approved by the Assistant Director responsible for scheduling.

Late Fees and Finance Charges

Campus Recreation will submit an appropriately itemized invoice to client for services provided and allowable expenses incurred. Unless Campus Rec approves otherwise, client shall submit payment prior to the time of the private rental (at the start is fine). The terms of the standard agreement between certain organizations such as ice related Sport Clubs of Campus Recreation will be 30 days. A finance charge of 21% per annum (1.75% per month) will be assessed on the unpaid balance each month and a late fee of $2.00 per month.

Changing Rental Plans

A group cannot switch from ice hockey or broomball to a skating party unless a two-week advance notice is given to Arena Management. Personnel arrangements must be made in order to accommodate these requests.

Physical or Mechanical Failure

The University of Illinois, Division of Campus Recreation or the Ice Arena will not be liable for any financial loss/space usage loss to any group/organization due to physical or mechanical failure, which causes the Ice Arena to be inoperable. The Ice Arena Management will be the sole judge with regards to the feasibility of using the Ice Arena. The rental fee, or a pro-rated portion of it, will be refunded to the organization if the Ice Arena is inoperable for the entire portion of time during the reserved time period. Ice Arena management will also attempt to reschedule ice rentals that are canceled under these circumstances.

Questions and Concerns

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your rental, assumption of risk, medical treatment and transport procedures or a complete set of Ice Arena Policies.

Bill Zeman
University of Illinois Ice Arena
phone: (217) 244-3586
fax: (217) 333-1307