Department Projects

2017 : 2016 : 2015
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Ice Arena

Budget: $2.5 million
Timeline: March – August 2017

A feasibility study for the aging Ice Arena was conducted including options for renovation and/or construction. The Ice Arena opened in 1931 with the last major renovations taking place over 25 years ago. Taking all into consideration, the best solution is to utilize a new refrigeration system and ice mat. These will be installed until campus can determine the next steps with the goal of a new facility or larger renovation.

Ultimately, the project will cost $2.5 million and will include a new refrigeration system to be installed on the roof of the Zamboni room, new ice mat and new rubber flooring around the rink. The project is being funded solely by Campus Recreation as we have set aside money over the course of the last few years knowing this would be a need to address.  The ice floor dimensions will return to the same currently present. The new refrigeration system is much more efficient and has an 8-10 year life expectancy. The new ice mat contains all piping and could be moved if need be. A new dasherboard system will be installed as well as updated lobby lighting and flooring.

ARC and CRCE Sound System upgrades

Budget: $200,000
Timeline: March – August 2017

The climbing wall, indoor pool, front desk and multi-purpose rooms at the ARC are getting sound system upgrades that are more energy efficient and connect to the main system at the front desk. Neither the pool or the climbing wall were previously connected to the main sound system at the front desk. This enhances communication, risk management, and emergency procedures.

We will eliminate the use of sound carts in the ARC Multipurpose rooms 1, 2, 4 and 5 as well as both multipurpose rooms at CRCE. The sound system, with Bluetooth capability will be connected to a wall in each multipurpose room with upgraded speakers to provide better sound quality. This also allows for use of cordless microphones. Additionally, the same main operation system is being installed at CRCE for consistency and efficiency. This will eliminate and simplify staff processes for better training and consistency.

ARC, CRCE and Ice Arena Spot Painting

Budget: $207,000
Timeline: May – July 2017

Areas at ARC, CRCE, and Ice Arena were in need of touch up painting due to wear and tear of the facilities. ARC was last painted when the facility opened in 2008. Adding scuff lines to help with wear and tear of facilities in high use and damage areas. These facilities average 5,000 users a day plus all of our special events traffic.

Outdoor Center Playfields & Complex Fields Fencing

Budget: $781,000
Timeline: April-June 2017

The fencing at the Complex Fields was over 30 years old and had served its purpose from a life expectancy standpoint. The 6′ fence was easy to climb, pulled apart, and started breaking down in many areas. This no longer provided security for outdoor field patrons. An 8′ chain link fence was installed and extended in areas for safety as well as reinforced in high traffic areas. The new fence is safer for individuals driving on roads as well as patrons and other athletes playing on fields.

The fencing at the Outdoor Center Playfields was also replaced. The south fencing was over 13 years old and the north fencing was over 20 years old. The 6′ fence was broken down in areas not providing security. The fencing was replaced with an 8 foot Centurian Ornamental Steel Fence for better protection and is not suited to climb over.

South Turf Fields

Budget: $782,000
Timeline: May 15-July 1

The South Turf Fields showed signs of tremendous wear making them unsafe to play on. More community members were using the fields than originally planned for. The fence was not secured to keep people out. With a lack of maintenance, knowledge, and the correct equipment, these fields were not able to keep up. The turf is being replaced with the same turf that is on the north fields and additional equipment has been purchased to maintain upkeep on the fields to increase field life expectancy.

ARC Gym 2 & 3 and CRCE MAC court

Budget: $1,120,000
Timeline: May 15-August 20

ARC Gym 1 & 2 housed the original floors from the old IMPE building from 1971. The courts didn’t not have any bounce in them and had sustained water damage in several areas that were becoming unsafe to play on. The ARC courts are being replaced with Conner Green Play Courts. These materials have recycled subfloor panels. It has been tested for participant impact load and shock absorption for anywhere you are on the court. It provides significant resistance to buckling pressure according to STEM Testing.  Recycled materials and Going Green initiatives were just some of the many benefits and why this flooring is the perfect solution to this project.

CRCE MAC court surface was a used surface that Campus Recreation got from the State of Illinois. At that time, the age of the product was unknown. It is becoming unplayable and has sustained water damage over the past 13 years it was being used at CRCE.  It will be replaced with a Mondo Advanced Surface. This is a prefabricated athletic rubber flooring  designed specifically for interior gymnasium and multipurpose applications. This material is composed of natural and synthetic rubbers, mineral fillers, vulcanizing and stabilizing agents and color pigments. Manufactured with dual durometer layers, which are calendared and vulcanized together. The top layer is non-porous. It provides slip-resistance, elasticity, foot traction and durability. The bottom layer consists of shock absorption layer engineered for comfort, safety and provides protection against heavy impact

CRCE Locker Room Lockers and ARC Day Use Lockers

Budget: $185,000
Timeline: Summer 2017

The CRCE lockers are being replaced with more durable lockers that are similar to the lockers we have at the ARC. The original type used is not conducive to environment holding water and humidity. Locks on day use lockers will be replaced throughout the building.

All day-use lockers at the ARC will have the same locks on them. We currently have 3 different brands of locks that require different keys and two of the manufactures are out of business. We elected to replace all day use lockers with same locks for consistency and training efficiency.

CRCE Air condition system/ventilation system


Information coming soon.


Gym 4

Timeline: May 9 – June 6, 2016

Resurfaced gym floor. Previous floor was 9 years old showing considerable wear and tear. The painting and application of sealant had dents. The floors were sanded down and new application put on.

Gym 1

Timeline: May 9 – June 6, 2016

Resurfaced gym floor. Previous floor was 9 years old showing considerable wear and tear and a bad finish. The painting and application of sealant had dents. The floors were sanded down and new application put on.

ARC, CRCE and Ice Arena AED machines.

Budget: $18,000

Upgraded all AED machines and added more. Machines were added to barns area where maintenance and grounds equipment is housed. The Outdoor Center Playfields received an AED unit where BNAACC is leasing office space.




Closed May 16 – August 15 while the inner floor of the pool is replaced with a better surface. CRCE Pool Liner Replacement – Total Expenditure – $121,007.72. CRCE pool was a tile based pool that had a problem of tiles breaking off, which lead to repeated work being done on the pool, loss of revenue and programing time. The pool was replaced with different surface that doesn’t have tile and is easier to manage. Removed volcano due to safety issues and better visibility.

ARC Carpet Replacement and Desk Demo

Budget: $223,000

Carpet had reached its life expectancy and was showing wear and starting to fray. Carpet – main level and upper level. The desks took up a large amount of space on the upper and basement and only a portion of the desks were used. Demoed and recycled the wood to make smaller desk and work stations. More usable space for patrons.

Window Replacement ARC NW Side

Budget: $70,700

Windows were not energy efficient and were the original windows from when the facility was built in 1971. New 2 ply windows were installed. These are energy efficient and have a reflective coating to control temperature.