Student Wellness Positions

Wellness Intern – Data Management and Administration

The data management intern will support the Graduate Hourly Data Analyst in data entry and analysis functions. They will identify, organize and archive primary and secondary data for Campus Recreation. They will assist with administrative duties and wellness outreach.

Wellness Program Assistant – Outreach and Education

The wellness program assistant, outreach and education will provide education to the campus community thorough campus tabling, the through the development of social media content, management of a calendar of programs and events and through curriculum design of wellness workshops each semester.

Graduate Hourly Program Assistant Wellness

Will coordinate and supervise the Orange and Blue Wellness Zone program and will assist in administration of all Campus Recreation, Wellness Programs.

Graduate Hourly Data Analyst

The Graduate Hourly Data Analyst will

Graduate Hourly Program Assistant Food Insecurity

The Graduate Hourly Data Analyst will extract data from primary and secondary sources. They will clean data, maintain databases, filter data, and reorganize data. They will perform analysis using tools (tableau, excel, Qualtrics, R, SPSS) and create visuals, presentations, and reports under the direction of the Associate Director, Assessment and Student Wellness.