Intramural Positions

Intramural Activities consist of over 100 student officials for a variety of sports such as soccer, softball, baseball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, etc. Locations vary from indoor to outdoor facilities. Intramural Activities offer a wide variety of structured fitness activities offering team sports and individual events. Officials in each sport go through a paid training program. Training occurs over a one week period before play begins and includes classroom and on-site training.

Entry Level Positions

Intramural Officials

  • Provide a positive attitude toward workers and participants.
  • Have knowledge of rules and regulations.
  • Attend clinics and meetings.
  • Officiate intramural sporting events such as basketball, football, broomball, in-line hockey, soccer, softball, and volleyball to the best of your ability.
  • Officials are encouraged to officiate at least 3 sports during a year; specifically 1 each season.

Technical Positions

Esport and Virtual Programming Manager

  • Assist with design, development, and implementation of a comprehensive virtual and Esport program 
  • Prepare and maintain leagues, tournaments, and playoff schedules 
  • Manage, maintain, update, and promote UIUC Intramural Sports Discord server 
  • Assess initiatives and make recommendations to ensure program is in line with latest trends  
  • Demonstrate a high commitment to the values of customer satisfaction and friendliness 
  • Other duties as assigned 

Promotional Opportunities

Intramural Sports Supervisor

  • Requires experience as a Campus Recreation Intramural Official before applying for the position.
  • Manages and assists in supervising nightly intramural activities.
  • Often oversees multiple courts/fields.
  • Assists the Intramural Sport Lead in ensuring that games start on time and any in-game disputes are handled amicably.
  • Provide direct feedback to game officials on how they can improve.
  • The intramural supervisor position is a stepping stone to reach the Intramural Sport Lead position.

Intramural Sport Lead

  • At least 1-semester experience as an Intramural Sports Supervisor.
  • Manages and coordinates a team sport each season.
  • Responsible for the development of officials training for their respective sport as well as the officials staff schedules.
  • Provides feedback and guidance to the Intramural supervisors regarding officials development.

Program Assistant

  • Requires experience as Campus Recreation Intramural Official before applying for the position.
  • The Program Assistant oversees the efficient operation of the IM office.
  • Records and updates data, disseminate information to the participants of the intramural sports and provide technical support to the IM staff.
  • Program Assistants are the daily connection to participants.