Becoming an Instructor

Group fitness consists of a variety of fitness-related classes that may range from cardio, dance fitness, water, strength, and mind/body options. When you apply to become an instructor for Campus Recreation, you will be required to show proof of your group fitness certification(s). You must complete a successful interview and a demonstration of the format(s) that you are applying to teach. If you have questions pertaining to this process, please contact

Campus Recreation are interested in hiring instructors with national certifications and teaching experience. We are also excited to develop new instructors who complete our in-house certification course and face-to-face skill workshop. If you are interested in registering please contact

Take a look at our menu of class offerings here.We are always looking for instructors who can teach theses formats.

Free Prep Course

  • Students that complete the FREE online course are invited to attend a one day workshop that then qualifies them to apply to teach for Campus Recreation at the University of Illinois.

If interested please email